6 Fun Ways to Integrate Family Photos Into Your Home Decor
6 Fun Ways to Integrate Family Photos Into Your Home Decor
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6 Fun Ways to Integrate Family Photos Into Your Home Decor

Jan 17, 2017
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Photos are meant to be seen – especially the ones that document our favorite moments with the ones we love. Whether that’s a candid photo from your last roadtrip, a special selfie with the one you love, or a beautiful family portrait, displaying your family photos can add warmth and depth to any room.

But sometimes, figuring out how to tastefully display your family pictures so that they add, rather than distract, from the overall decor can be a challenge. Here are 6 tips for displaying your family photos to their best advantage.

  1. Create a gallery wall. Hanging lots of pictures in one large grouping can be a great way to display family photos, especially if you want to keep the pictures relegated to one spot. There are many ways you can lay out your photo wall, but here are some general guidelines:

    • Create a focal point by having a center photo at eye level.
    • Mix and match images of different shapes, sizes, and orientation.
    • Choose mats of matching colors to keep your display from looking chaotic.
    • Consider selecting one larger photo to serve as an anchor for the rest of your family photos.
  2. Arrange images in stand-up frames on a shelf, end table, or bookshelf. When working with standing photos, mixing up your frame styles, sizes, and colors is key. Overlapping frames can add depth to the display, and keep it from looking bland.

    To add variety, integrate a digital frame into the mix, like the new Nixplay Iris. Change the photo as often as you like or send new ones to the frame while you’re away. The stylish design and silk-metal finish means the Nixplay Iris can be integrated perfectly among your gallery and art frames.

  3. Be selective. When it comes to pictures of our children, it can be hard to choose a few favorites from the hundreds we have. However, it pays to select just a few of your absolute favorite images to display, rather than overwhelm your room with countless photographs all competing for attention.

    If you do have a large collection of photos that you just have to display – say, from your recent travels to an exotic location, for example, or your family’s trip to a theme park – opt for smaller sizes. Use multi-photo frames or choose an unconventional display, like hanging them with clothespins on pinboards or bulletin boards.

  4. Choose antique frames for an unexpected touch. Hanging contemporary family photos in antique frames adds a unique, unexpected touch to your photo displays. Take care when matching your frames with images – you want the look to be interesting, but not jarring.

  5. Mix vintage family photos in with current ones. One fun way to add some history to your family photo display is to mix in vintage photos of relatives. Why not show off your grandparents’ wedding portrait, or an image of your great-uncle when he was a little boy? You could even scan and upload them to your Nixplay Iris cloud WiFi frame for a “vintage family” playlist.

    Including these photos can not only add visual interest – it can also lend a narrative to your display. And you might be surprised at what good conversation starters old photos can make.

  6. Repurpose vintage windows, wooden pallets, or other items to create your own unique display. The best way to exhibit your family photos is the way that best reflects you and your family. If you’re crafty, there are all kinds of tasteful and uncommon displays you can create to show off your photos.

    When making your display, you definitely want to consider how the materials will fit in with the rest of your decor, as well as the photos you plan to include. Some display ideas might look perfect with certain wall colors, frame styles, or picture formats, but not others.

Displaying your family photos can be a wonderful way to add some personality to your home. To make the Nixplay Iris a part of your decor, all you have to do is order it through our U.S. store.