13 Reasons Why It's Really Okay to Turn Into Your Mum
13 Reasons Why It’s Really Okay to Turn Into Your Mum
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13 Reasons Why It’s Really Okay to Turn Into Your Mum

By: Jo Middleton - Number #1 Mother's blog in UK - http://slummysinglemummy.com

Mar 20, 2017
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It’s a well accepted cliché that as we get older, as women, we turn into our mothers. For a lot of people the thought of this is a little horrifying. You’re young and cool right? You don’t want to start staying in on Saturday nights knitting blankets and complaining about traffic do you?

Well, maybe.

I’ve been giving it some thought and I’ve decided that perhaps it’s not actually so bad to turn into your mother after all. She’s actually pretty nice really isn’t she?

Here are 13 reasons why it’s really okay to turn into your mum:

You’ll always have a container for leftovers

Mums always have Tupperware don’t they? Never again will you have to ferret through the kitchen cupboard looking for a lid that matches a tub. (What happens to all the lids?!?)


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People will know you care

You know how your mum always makes you text her to let her know you got home safely? That’s quite a nice feeling isn’t it? It shows she cares about you, and when you start making other people to do the same for you they’ll get that fuzzy feeling from knowing someone is thinking about them.

You get to watch Pointless

And all those other TV programmes that are allegedly for ‘old people’ but are actually just really good.

You may master the art of the roast potato

Mums seem to have an instinct for roast potatoes, which means they are always amazing. Perhaps turning into your mum will mean you suddenly can make the best roasts ever?


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You’ll give great cuddles

Because everyone knows that mums give the very best cuddles, whatever the circumstances. It’s no bad thing to be the person known for giving great hugs.

Crochet is cool

Crafts are big right now, so staying in knitting a hat or crocheting a toy frog is no bad thing. It’s a handy skill to have, and your creations will make great content for Instagram.


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It’s okay not to want to go to nightclubs

At last! It’s okay to say ‘no thanks, I’d rather stay in and watch the Antiques Roadshow than go to the pub’. Hooray!

You feel happier

As I get older, I definitely feel more comfortable in my own skin. I see my own mum not caring what other people think of her, happily going about her business, and I want a piece of that.

You’ll always have a tissue

Which is always handy. Mums always have a handbag full of useful things like tissues, paracetamol and change for car parks ticket machines. You’ll be ready for anything.


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Your home will look beautiful

Rather than getting by on hand me downs and Ikea bookcases, as you turn into your mum you’ll want to invest in good quality, long lasting furniture and proper grown up saucepans. Gone will be the days of posters on the walls and mismatched crockery.

You’ll never forget something important when you go on holiday

Because you’ll have made a list, rather than just throwing six bikinis in a bag and hoping for the best. Everyone will love you because you’ll be the person who remembered sun cream, insect repellant and a corkscrew.


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You get to wear comfy shoes

I must admit that I’ve never really been a girl who feels comfortable in heels, so I love that as I get older, and more like my mum, it becomes more acceptable to shop in the wide fit section of Clarks.

Your mum is ace

She’s your mum! You love her to bits and although she might be annoying and make you cringe at times, you can’t think of a better role model to aspire to.


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Guest post: Jo Middleton, mum of two, living in Somerset, and creator of the award-winning blog Slummy Single Mummy.