What Your Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day
What Your Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day
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What Your Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day

May 11, 2017
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Moms can be some of the most difficult people to buy gifts for. Why? Because for whatever reason, lots of moms just won’t come out and say what it is they want for a gift.

Maybe they’ll say “I’m sure I’ll love whatever you get me.”

Or “Just get something you think I’ll like.”

Or even “I don’t need anything – I have you.”

And as nice as all that is, here’s a newsflash, mamas – your children want to give you something! Moms are some of the most important people in our lives. We want to honor your love, sacrifice, and commitment to giving your children the very best life possible.

Mom may keep quiet about what she wants with her children, but there are ways to figure it out if you’re just a bit sneaky (hint: ask her best girlfriend). Here are a few ideas for things that your mom really wants this year.

Having someone else cook dinner – a nice, big, family-style one. 

If your mom is the one who usually cooks, then there’s no way she should be the one making dinner on Mother’s Day. Rather than going out, which can be fun but also stressful with kids, make a big family meal at home while Mom relaxes with a glass of wine and her feet up.

An uninterrupted nap.

Moms can never get enough sleep, and even if she manages to squeeze in a nap, it’s usually interrupted by cries of “Mommy! Mommy!” within a few minutes.

This Mother’s Day, give Mom some time to nap without the distraction of children running around. Take the kids out for ice cream or on a fun outing, and give Mom an empty – and silent – house for a few hours. She’ll thank you for it.

A professional house cleaning.

Even in the most equal of partnerships, moms tend to do the bulk of the housecleaning. With kids, the tidying up is neverending, so splurge on a professional housecleaning and give Mom the day – or a few – off.

Even if it just lasts half an hour, having all the grit and grime removed by the pros will at least give Mom a head start on next week’s cleaning.

A day to be the fun, no-rules parent. 

Whether they’re single or partnered, most moms find themselves having to fill the role of structure-creator and rule-enforcer with their kids. Do your homework. Clear your dishes. Make your bed. Don’t touch your brother. Stop pushing your sister.

Who knew, but moms just want to have fun, too! Have Dad or another family member take on the role of rule-enforcer for the day, and allow mom the freedom to let her hair down with the kids. Go swimming, to a theme park, or somewhere else fun and have someone else decide when sunscreen needs to be applied or when it’s time for lunch.

Some chocolate or dessert that no one else eats. 

Kids have a way of getting into your chocolate stash – unless you have a really good hiding place. Get mom some gourmet chocolate or other decadent treats, and let her in on your secret spot. That way, they won’t have disappeared the next time she needs a chocolate fix. 

A heartfelt, homemade gift from her kids.

Kids, even if you’re too old for the homemade cards, bookmarks, and potholders that you used to make your mom when you were little, know that your mom still loves getting homemade gifts from you.

That can mean a special dessert you whip up from scratch. It could mean a thoughtful photo collage of pictures from throughout your childhood. Or if you’re artistic, create a painting, drawing, or other piece of artwork for her.

Having someone else organize the photos.

As much fun as it is to look through old photos, actually taking the time to organize them is…not so much fun.

This is doubly true for digital photos, as clicking through an endless string of images and sorting them into folders can take its toll with eyestrain and headaches. If mom is the one who primarily handles your family photo-sorting, give her a break and take it on yourself.

Divide your photos up by year, event, or however else she sorts them, and store them neatly. One great way to make sure those beautifully sorted photos get seen is to send them to a Nixplay Cloud WiFi Digital Frame. You can create specific playlists – even one just for Mom.