Unique Ideas for Displaying Photographs in Your Home
Unique Ideas for Displaying Photographs in Your Home
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Unique Ideas for Displaying Photographs in Your Home

May 23, 2017
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While most of us carry around hundreds of photos with us at all times on our phones, those photos don’t get much love.

We may flip through them while we’re waiting at the doctor’s office, or glance at a few favorites as we idle in the carpool line.

But those images deserve better! After all, our photos are how we capture those special family moments, from something as big and ceremonial as our child’s graduation to something as small and everyday as the joy of baking cookies with Grandma.

As a digital frame company, we’re firm believers in displaying your most treasured photos so that everyone you love can see them. That extends to printed photos, too.

So spend some time choosing a few of your favorite photos, and display them with pride. Here are a few ideas to help you get going.

Use string, baker’s twine, or thin wire to create a geometric display.

Source: The Caldwell Project 

Use your string or wire of choice and some thin nails to create this modern, unique photo display.

As you can read in the instructions at The Caldwell Project, mapping out the display isn’t the easiest thing to do. However, once you’ve done it and created your shapes on the wall, all you have to do to display your photos is clip them to the string.

You can use a lot or just a few, depending on whether you’re going for an eclectic or spare look.

Create an easy photo collage.

Source: Bits of Everything

You don’t need to buy expensive collage frames to create beautiful photo collages.

With some time and a few simple craft supplies, you can create a collage exactly to your liking. Use a black (or another color, if you prefer) foam core board, some double-sided tape, Mod Podge, and your favorite photos.

To start, map out your design with cut-up scrap paper.

Once you know everything will fit the way you’d like, cut your photos as needed – the image above uses 4 inch square images – and secure them to the board with your tape.

Then, simply paint over the entire board with Mod Podge.

As mentioned in the blog post, Mod Podge does dry clear, even though as you paint it on, it will be white.

Create custom photo decals for a modern display


Source: Paper Culture

The company Paper Culture creates very cool custom photo decals that cling to your wall, so you can change your display any time you like (plus, you don’t have any nail holes or stubborn adhesive to worry about!).

The decals come in various designs and sizes, so you can create a superhero wall for your kids, a colorful or a sophisticated gallery wall for you entryway, or a sweet photo collage for your nursery. And as if that weren’t enough, all their decals are eco-friendly, and the company plants a tree for every order you make.

Get your photos off your phone and onto a digital frame.

A digital frame like the Nixplay Iris is a beautiful way to display lots of photos, but in a traditional setting.

Because you can create photo playlists for your Cloud WiFi Digital Frame, you can choose which photos you want to cycle through at any time. You can even send photos to your frame from anywhere in the world, making it a great way to surprise loved ones with a glimpse of what you’re up to.

Print photos onto paint chips to give your images a completely new look. 

Source: Better Homes & Gardens 

This totally unique idea comes from Better Homes & Gardens. Instead of printing your photos onto photo paper, use large paint chips that you’ve cut down to the proper size.

Use a black-and-white photo, or transform a favorite photo into black-and-white. Then simply feed the paint chips into your printer.

The color gradient will give your image a contemporary, striking look that’s sure to be noticed by everyone who walks in your door. This display works best with several photos on several different color paint chips.

Want more tips for how to show off your photos? Read our post “6 Fun Ways to Integrate Family Photos into Your Home Decor.”