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4 Unique Ways to Make Your Date Feel Special on Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is the best day to show the person dearest to your heart how much you truly care for them. Romance is in the air, and it’s nearly impossible to resist the stores selling flowers, cards, and stuffed bears. Maybe your significant other has even dropped hints as to what they want to get on the 14th–in that case, your search for the perfect present just got way, way easier!

But Valentine’s Day shouldn’t have to be all about material gifts. Sure, presents are nice to receive, but there are many other ways to express your love. Here are other ways to spread romance!

Serve your lover breakfast in bed.

This is a simple way to make your loved one feel special. Rise early, cook some pancakes and bacon, chop up some fruits, and plate them artfully. Place it on a tray, add a small vase with flowers, and bring it to your loved one. Trust us, waking up to the delicious smell of bacon is the best way to jumpstart your day!

Take them on a surprise adventure.

If you’ve got some vacation leaves to spare, use one on the 15th to have an extra-long Valentine’s Day celebration! Whisk your lover to a destination you’ve always wanted to visit, be it a sunny beach or a cosmopolitan hotspot, and have an itinerary planned out. Only got one day? Make the most of it with a visit to your favorite amusement park or hiking trail.

Compile your most precious photos.

Rekindle your most precious memories this Valentine’s Day by compiling photos of your favorite moments! You can create a photo book of your most memorable photos, adding love notes, tickets, and other small artifacts collected throughout your relationship. Another option: Display your favorite photos on a Nixplay Frame! Set up a playlist just for Valentine’s Day and place it somewhere your lover will easily see.

Don’t have a Nixplay Frame yet? Take advantage of the ongoing Valentine’s Day Sale to get up to 25 percent off the Nixplay Iris!

Prepare their favorite food.

It’s said that the way to most people’s hearts is through their stomachs. Judging by the neverending flood of food photos, videos, and content on social media, this seems to be a universal truth. That said, make your date’s tummy happy on Valentine’s Day by preparing their favorite food! Just don’t forget to take into consideration their dietary preferences, and don’t serve anything they might be allergic to. Going to a restaurant may be par for the course on Valentine’s Day, but you have to admit that a home-cooked meal prepared with love will be more memorable.

valentine's day checklist

Your Valentine’s Day 2019 Checklist

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us! Are you all set for the big V-Day? Granted, it can be extremely overwhelming—there are so many things to do, and just a few days to go.

Fear not: We’re here to get you revved up for romance. In fact, we made you a checklist to get you on track for Valentine’s Day. Read on and take note of what you should prepare for February 14!

__ Buy flowers.

Even if you’re defiantly anti-romance, you have to admit: Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without some lush blooms! Make sure you know your lady love’s favorite blossoms, and place an order for a bouquet a few days ahead. You better hurry, as flower shops tend to get overwhelmed with orders for the 14th.
If you’re a happy singleton: It wouldn’t hurt to have some flowers delivered to yourself, right? 😉 go on and get yourself a nice bouquet—you deserve it.

__ Secure dinner reservations.

As cliche as it may sound, wining and dining is a crucial part of Valentine’s Day. Make sure to choose the restaurant wisely: It doesn’t have to be at a Michelin-starred restaurant, though if this is what you fancy, then do go all out! The important thing is that the place you dine at holds significance to you and your significant other.
If you’re a happy singleton: Dining out alone or even with friends on Valentine’s Day—when it seems like everyone’s out on a date—can suck. The solution? Make a reservation for another day. You can go out on the 15th, or even the weekend after.

__ Get a date.

Of course, what’s a Valentine’s Day celebration without someone to spend it with? That’s what the day is all about, after all: A day you ought to celebrate with the person (or people) you love most. So make sure the love of your life knows quite clearly that you want to spend the day with them!
If you’re a happy singleton: Well, it’s not yet too late to look for a date! Download a dating app and start swiping, or sign up for a speed dating event. Maybe you might find The One—or at the very least, you’ll meet interesting new people! And if your friends offer to set you up with someone interesting, say yes! There’s no harm in expanding your horizons and going out of your comfort zone, relationship-wise.

__ Take pictures!

Now that you’ve got all the ingredients of a perfect Valentine’s Day celebration, don’t forget the most crucial thing: Photos of your day! You’re making so many memories on the 14th—you might as well document every precious milestone by snapping away. Display your photos on your Nixplay Frame, and take advantage of Nixplay’s Valentine’s Day sale to get up to 25 percent off the Nixplay Iris, only until February 14!

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The Best Cyber Monday Deals You Shouldn’t Miss

Missed the Black Friday pandemonium? Don’t worry: Cyber Monday‘s here, with a slew of amazing deals you shouldn’t miss. Whether you’re planning to buy presents for your nearest and dearest or just want to treat yourself, check out some of our top online finds!

1. Moleskine Classic Hard Cover Notebook, starts at $11.83 (from $14.79)

CM-moleskineA classy notebook, like this Moleskine journal, will always be appreciated. This will be a great gift for your colleagues.

2. Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Cards, $4.77 (from 5.97)

CM-playing cardsThese stocking stuffers will come in handy during beach trips and pool parties.

3. Gaiam Yoga Mat, select styles at $22.49 (from $29.98)

CM-yoga matWere you (like us) guilty of eating a bit too much turkey and pie during Thanksgiving? This stylish yoga mat might be just the thing to help you get back on the fitness track.

4. AmazonBasics Lightweight Double Camping Hammock, starts at $19.99 (from $29.99)

CM-hammockFeeling stressed? Tie up this portable hammock and swing your worries away.

5. Putt-A-Bout Par Three Putting Green, $31.99 (from $49.99)

CM-putting greenNow your golf-loving dad can perfect his putts at home or at work. Throw in a couple of golf balls for good measure!

6. Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor, $93.95 (from 149.95)

CM-brevilleCan’t get enough of smoothies and fresh fruit juice? Now you can get your daily dose of all-natural vitamins and minerals at home using your very own juicer.

7. DYMO LabelWriter 450 Thermal Label Printer, $46.38 (from 149.99)

CM-dymo printerEasily (and literally) put your mark on all your belongings, thanks to this thermal label printer! Neat freaks, this one’s for you.

8. Nixplay Iris 8 Inch (Wi-Fi), as low as $149.99 (from $199.99)

CM-nixplayDisplay all your favorite memories from the holidays on a Nixplay Iris Frame! Want another style? Don’t worry: You can enjoy up to 20 percent off NIX Frames and up to 25 percent off Nixplay Frames for Cyber Monday, only until November 29.

Marianne is Nixplay’s Web Content Editor. Her hobbies include exploring new places, playing table tennis, and cuddling puppies. Send her a message at marianne.salazar@nixplay.com.

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8 Amazing Deals You Shouldn’t Miss This Single’s Day

Single’s Day, celebrated on November 11, can be best explained as the Asian version of Black Friday. It’s when people (not necessarily singletons) go on a full-blown shopping frenzy, fueled by retailers slashing their prices. On 11/11, you have every excuse to be on “treat yourself” mode.

To prepare yourself for the holiday, we’ve gathered some irresistible deals you can shop on 11/11. Start adding to cart!

1. This light cast by this pineapple lamp will make your abode look oh-so-pine!

2. Foster your child’s creativity and get them off their gadgets by getting them an easel. Hours of colorful fun, guaranteed.

3. Who doesn’t love chocolates? This box of truffles will make anyone with a sweet tooth smile.

4. This cozy vintage chair is perfect for cozying up in with a good book.

5. With its silk metal finish, a Nixplay Iris digital photo frame will look perfect in your home or office. PRO TIP: Buy it at www.nixplay.com to get up to 35 percent off the Nixplay Iris, along with other frames!


singles day sale

6. Bring your music wherever you go with this handy Bluetooth speaker.

7. Got a camping trip coming up? This hiking backpack should be able to hold all your essentials.

8. Can’t wait for Season 8 of Game of Thrones? Practice your kingdom-stealing maneuvers on this updated version of Monopoly.


Marianne is Nixplay’s Web Content Editor. Her hobbies include exploring new places, playing table tennis, and cuddling puppies. Send her a message at marianne.salazar@nixplay.com.

Nixplay blog-Rita-video

The Easy way To Stay In Touch With Your Loved Ones

Your engagement. Your wedding. Your son’s first steps. Your daughter’s graduation.

Your whole family may not be physically present for all these occasions, but there are many ways to include them as you celebrate your milestones.

Take for example Rita, who lives in Massachusetts with her husband and children. She wanted to keep her parents Jim and Elaine, who live across the country in Washington, involved in her children’s lives. She gave her parents a Nixplay frame as a way for them to bond despite the distance.

“It was a way for us to share [with my parents remotely] what was going on in the children’s lives, because they’ve never lived in the same town,” says Rita. “The Nixplay frame will allow them to see immediate pictures of the kids at their sporting events, or at any family events we might have that they weren’t able to join us on.”

Watch the video to learn Rita’s story.

Your bond with your family is always worth celebrating. For Nixplay Family Week, we’re giving you the chance to show your loved ones how much they mean to you by giving them their own Nixplay Wi-Fi Frame.


For a limited time, you can get your own Nixplay Iris at up to 35 percent off. The more frames you buy, the greater the discount you get–all the more reason to get Nixplay Frames for you and your family. After all, what better way to celebrate family ties than by sharing your best memories with each other?

Marianne is Nixplay’s Web Content Editor. Her hobbies include exploring new places, playing table tennis, and cuddling puppies. Send her a message at marianne.salazar@nixplay.com.

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