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“Smart Home Guide: How to Make Your Home a Smart Home” is locked Smart Home Guide: How to Make Your Home a Smart Home

Smart Home Guide: How to Make Your House a Smart Home

Smart devices and technology are reaching a new zenith of revolutionization. More and more people are now working on making their houses smarter to attain a more comfortable lifestyle. And true enough, smart homes can improve the quality of your life by increasing convenience and security.

What is a Smart Home?

In a smart home, one can easily monitor all the appliances present in it via Wi-Fi using a smartphone. It provides complete convenience and control.

What Does a Smart Home Do?

Have you ever stepped out of your house, only to worry hours later whether you were able to turn off the coffee maker or switch on the security alarm before leaving? A smart home can help you avoid these. It’s an excellent way of monitoring your house using a tablet or smartphone, whether you’re at home or away.

All smart appliances and devices can communicate with one another and do all their tasks efficiently. Not only can they follow your commands, but they’re also usually energy-efficient, making them a great investment for both your home and the environment. If you want to build a smart home for yourself, then you must have Top Reveal‘s smart home must-haves below.

Good Internet Reception in Every Part of the House

If you want to have a smart home, you will need a good internet reception. Invest in a Wi-Fi router with a proper network and ample data to avoid latency. All your smart devices should work in perfect synchronization if the internet reception is good.

A Nixplay Smart Frame

A Nixplay Smart Photo Frame is a brilliant photo viewing smart device that you can use to fill your home with images of your favorite moments. This is a Wi-Fi and cloud-enabled photo viewer which can sync your images from any device and display them at your house in real-time, wherever in the world you may be.

Smart Home Hubs and Controllers

Smart home hubs and controllers, like Amazon Alexa, are the brains of the smart home operations. These tools help connect different smart home devices, providing complete home automation. They will allow you to control all the appliances and smart devices in your home from a single app.

Smart Doorbell

Replace your regular doorbell with a smart doorbell as it is a safer and a smarter move. A smart doorbell will have HD cameras in it, letting you view the person standing in front of it using your mobile phone. It is an excellent way of keeping tabs on the people ringing the doorbell and entering your house.

Smart Door Locks

Enhance your home’s security by installing a smart door lock in place of regular door locks. This way, you can avoid forgetting the keys or missing them–you’ll just need to use your fingerprint to enter your house.

Smart Lighting (Smart Light Bulbs)

Smart light bulbs are a major component of a futuristic home. These will be connected to a hub or any platform that can be regulated by using a smartphone. You can also control the color and the level of brightness with your smartphone.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Smart kitchen appliances, especially the smart refrigerator, are very important in every home. An intelligent refrigerator allows you to easily monitor its temperature and status, and it can also send you alerts for situations such as if the door of the fridge was left open. Make sure you are investing in smart kitchen appliances as these will make your meal prep faster and easier.

Smart Cleaning Appliances

Smart cleaning appliances are equally crucial for a smart home. These cleaning appliances will not only save you a lot of energy, but they are very efficient. Depending on your lifestyle, you can pick a smart cleaning device that can cater to all your household requirements.

Smart Washers and Dryers

Smart dryers and washers are not only energy-efficient, but these will also reduce the time you spend doing the laundry to just a few minutes, allowing you to do other tasks while waiting for your clothes to be cleaned. They are easy to use and they will save a lot of space in your house.

Smart Coffee Makers

Coffee is essential in nearly every household, which is why your smart home would be incomplete without a coffee maker. These machines are sleek and energy-efficient, and if you can’t live without your daily cup of joe, then you’d be extra thankful for a machine that can let you enjoy your brew hassle-free, just the way you like it.

Smart Surveillance Camera

If you’re converting your abode into a smart home, you should definitely install some smart cameras inside the house to make it more secure. Ensure that your smart surveillance camera can catch every everything at FHD 1080 p, leaving nothing blurred or indistinguishable. It must also have the ability to send motion notifications and display a live feed.

Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

A smart carbon monoxide and smoke detector are significant in every smart home. Just think: If your house catches fire, you’re more likely to die from smoke inhalation than from actually catching fire. With a smart smoke detector, you will be able to prepare for and prevent this scenario.

There are indeed several smart devices which are available in the market, but picking the right ones for your home is a tough task. Know your priorities and choose the ones that will make your home more efficient and help you save money.

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5 Great Smart Home Additions For 2019

Our home appliances and gadgets are becoming more and more high-tech. While there’s no harm in doing your household chores manually, being able to reallocate the time you’ll spend doing these tasks into more meaningful pursuits make the purchase of smart appliances worth it. These gadgets and gizmos will make an excellent addition to your smart home.

Lutron Serena Smart Shades (starts at $350)

serena shades-blog

Window shades aren’t really something you pay a lot of attention to, but when your bedroom is outfitted with blinds that listen to Siri and automatically roll up or down, you’ll be very grateful for this simple luxury. That’s the promise of Serena Shades, which you can integrate with other smart home gadgets like lights and thermostats for an overall experience. It’s especially useful for windows in tricky, hard-to-reach places, as well as homes with elderly or disabled residents. Setup can be a little tricky, but worth enduring for the comfort you’ll get.

Husqvarna Automower 315X ($1999.95)

husqvarna mower-blog

Remember when you’d mow your neighbor’s lawn as a kid to augment your allowance? Well, we’re sorry to say that your former job can now be done by a robot. The Husqvarna Automower 315X is perfect for folks with medium to large lawns. It features GPS navigation, a patented weather timer, LED headlights, theft tracking, and Amazon Alexa connectivity, and it has no problem mowing in the rain. If you hate your noisy old lawnmower and have an extra $2000 lying around, this would make a nice addition to your home.

Nixplay Seed Wave 13 inch Widescreen Digital Smart Frame ($249.99)

seed wave-blog

The Nixplay Seed Wave takes your usual digital frame to a newer, smarter level. Its high-definition screen is paired with two powerful five-watt speakers for a unique auditory experience. Just link the Seed Wave to your phone, tablet, or laptop via Bluetooth, and start streaming music on your smart frame. Your favorite memories will now be accompanied by the soundtrack of your life.

Toto Aquia IV Washlet ($2154)

toto washlet-blog

Much has been said about Japanese smart toilets: They’re not just perfunctory objects intended for the relief of your excretory system. Boasting multitudes of buttons for heated seats, built-in bidets, air-purifying functions, and noisemakers to cover up the squelchy sound of your pooping, they’re definitely worthy of the moniker “porcelain throne” (they do a splendid job of flushing, too). And while America still has a long way to go before welcoming smart toilets into their homes as easily as they embraced the invention of automatic litter boxes, Japanese toilet company Toto aims to change this with their Washlets: Water-efficient, high-tech toilets you can have installed in your house. If you’re thinking of investing in one of these, consider the Aquia IV Washlet, a remote-controlled toilet guaranteed to revolutionize your bathroom breaks. Trust us, you’ll never want to use an ordinary toilet again.

SimpliSafe Home Security System (starts at around $230)


One of the worst things about going on a vacation with your family is that niggling fear of your subsequently empty house getting broken into. SimpliSafe’s revolutionary home security system should help assuage your fears, giving homeowners the chance to monitor their homes remotely in an easy and affordable way. Their range of proprietary wireless equipment includes smoke detectors, sirens, panic buttons, and sensors for everything you can think of—entry sensors, water sensors, glass break sensors. Use the equipment with SimpliSafe’s 24/7 monitoring plans, which will alert the authorities in case of accidents or emergencies.

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