Having trouble looking for gifts for milestone birthdays? Choosing the right present for someone can often be difficult, especially when there is so much to choose from. When a loved one reaches a big birthday, you want to make sure that you’re buying them something as special as the occasion itself. Follow our birthday gift guide for present ideas that will blow the others right out of the water (although it’s not a competition, of course!). From day trips to personal mementos that will spark precious memories, there’s something for everyone on this list.

Nixplay frames: perfect gifts for milestone birthday

Arrange A Special Day Out

A once-in-a-lifetime experience is the perfect milestone birthday gift. You can book a tandem skydive for the budding thrillseeker or Broadway tickets for the theater fan. Alternatively, for something a little closer to home, why not book a spa retreat or a delicious meal for two? A night away in a swanky hotel is always a great choice, too. There’s a special experience for everyone, whether they’re turning 18, 40 or 70. Just plan accordingly!

Be sure to savor the memories and take several pictures throughout the day! This way, you can display them at home and remember the day forever. Why not do so on a Nixplay digital photo frame? If you have one set up beforehand, your loved ones can send photos to you and your family at home so you can see what they’re up to!

Organize A Surprise Birthday Party

This is the perfect way to celebrate a loved one’s big birthday with all their friends and family. You could even choose a theme! Maybe everyone can dress up as something that begins with the first letter of their name, or you can put on outfits that reflect the birthday boy or girls’ favorite TV show or decade. You can opt for a luxurious night at the movies with champagne and delicious canapés, or go Viva Las Vegas in a homemade casino with a cocktail bar and roulette table!

Go the extra mile and get your loved one’s family and friends to pre-record birthday messages that you can play on a Nixplay Smart Frame. You can even take a bunch of pictures throughout the night and send them to your Nixplay Frame for live party updates–get creative and pull together some fun photo booth props to jazz them up! Better yet, with a Nixplay Seed Wave, you can link up your Spotify and play a party playlist to accompany your photos.

Personalized Gifts For Milestone Birthdays

Personalized gifts, like a champagne bottle and set of flutes for someone’s 21st birthday, are a popular choice when it comes to milestone birthday present ideas. But we have a few other creative gift ideas that you may not have considered before!

  • A personalized nursery book or children’s tale is perfect for newborns. Though they may not be able to appreciate it at the beginning, this gift is a keepsake that will come into play later on in life.
  • Arrange to get a hand-drawn map of their hometown framed. Are they turning 18 and heading off to college, or are a little older and have moved away from home? They may want a memento to remind them of their roots.
  • You can also get personalized maps where the street names are replaced with songs from a certain decade or genre. Amend this to suit their taste in music or to remind them of an unforgettable time in their college years. This unique birthday gift is sure to send them right down memory lane.
  • Get a soundwave printed of their favorite song, or even a track that sparks precious memories, and frame it.
  • There are also websites that will put together a print of a constellation map to celebrate special occasions. All you need to do is select the date and time of their birth to recreate the night (or daytime) sky at that specific moment. This gift also works perfectly for weddings and anniversaries.

Top tip: when framing a print or other piece of artwork, be sure to consider the interior décor of the birthday girl or boy’s home. It’s a small thing but it certainly counts!

  • Buy a notebook and get all of their family and friends to write and decorate each page with personalized messages. It’s a personal (and portable!) keepsake that they can look back to on their next big birthday.
  • Do they have a bucket list of places they want to visit before they reach a certain age? Then a scratch map is a perfect way for them to track their progress. You can also order movie scratch posters that allow you to tick off those ‘must-see’ movies as you go along.
  • Does your loved one have a pet that they adore? Commission someone to paint or take pictures of their furry friend and frame it! Alternatively, get someone to paint a scene of their favorite place/moment or a family portrait that they can hang up at home.
  • Some websites allow you to order a print of the front page of the newspaper on the day they were born, so they can see the headlines from that very special day. this one’s a great gift idea for communication professionals.
  • Is your loved one a vinyl fan? Head to your local record store or browse online for the no. 1 single (or album) from the day they were born and get it framed. It’s a beautiful memento and a retro home décor piece that will stand the test of time.
  • Put together a scrapbook titled “your life in pictures” and leave blank pages for them to fill in–a milestone birthday book, if you will. Filled with precious moments and memories that they never want to forget, this is the perfect gift for someone who is celebrating a big birthday. As a helping hand, there are several companies that will print out as many images as you need–simply download their app and do it all straight from your phone!

Better yet, put together a digital scrapbook with a Nixplay Smart Frame. You can set it up with some of their favorite memories and then send live updates as you go along–with just the click of a button. Keeping memories alive has never been easier! The ideal gift for anyone celebrating a big birthday. Treat your loved one on this very special occasion with a gift that keeps on giving.

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