As people heed global calls to stay at home to prevent getting infected, a lot of things have been put on hold—including some fitness and health goals. During these distressing times, it’s important to stay active and take care of your health in order to keep any illnesses at bay. However, this is particularly difficult as most gyms and fitness centers are closed to prevent the rapid spread of the virus.

Thankfully, modern technology can help bring the gym closer to your home through apps, wearables, and online workout classes.

Available for Android and Apple

Headspace is a mobile app for meditation. Its library features several free and paid sessions of varying lengths, guiding users through relaxation. Even a daily 10-minute practice has been proven to relieve stress and anxiety as well as boost focus. By doing this, you can achieve a sense of calmness and assurance—something that is important now more than ever.

Available for Android and Apple

Sticking to a diet can be hard. Luckily, the main features in the food tracking app MyFitnessPal are free. It’s ideal for people who want to monitor their calories and macronutrients. Stress can cause cravings and unhealthy urges—tracking what you eat can help you be mindful of your eating habits and achieve your weight management goals.

NSCA Global
Available for Android and Apple

The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) has its own app that provides detailed steps on performing strength-based exercises correctly to boost efficiency and reduce risk. NSCA Missouri state director Victor Kizer, who also serves as a director for online exercise science degree programs at Maryville University highlights on their official website the importance of research-based fitness in the Human Performance Lab, which helps train exercise physiologists and personal trainers. This app provides a convenient way for you to get similar training right at home, with step-by-step videos on proper form.

Lumo Lift
Available for Android and Apple

Lumo Lift is a small sensor for improving your posture. Simply attach it to your clothing and you’ll receive notifications telling you to correct the way you’re sitting or standing. Not only is posture important for boosting bone health, but it can also alleviate stress and improve mood. Studies have linked mood to poor posture, and by correcting it, you might be able to take the edge off during these harrowing times.

Focus To-Do
Available for Android and Apple

Though technically a productivity app, Focus To-Do reminds you to take breaks from your desk and get stretching. Working from home makes it easy to sit—or even lie down—for long periods of time. With this app, you can stick to adequate breaks to stretch your muscles and give your mind a much-needed release.

The health features of Fitbit make it a reliable smartwatch. It provides insights like heart rate and steps, which you can use as a reminder to stay active even while stuck at home. It even has a built-in sleep tracker, so you can improve the quality of your sleep.

LogicInk is a unique product that sticks on your skin. This temporary, stick-on ‘wearable tattoo’ changes colors to show you whether or not you’ve had enough sunlight for the day. Its outer blue ring slowly changes into pink as you absorb UV rays throughout the day, with an entirely pink ring indicating that you’ve had enough. Meanwhile, the inner circle shows your real-time exposure to the sun – invisible under full shade and bright pink under direct sunlight. It’s a simple and highly effective solution for people who both love the sun and have sensitive skin.

There’s definitely no shortage of useful apps for anyone who wants to improve their life. Hopefully, this list gets you started on your health goals for this year and beyond!