Top 5 Unforgettable Family holiday destinations this Summer
Top 5 Unforgettable Family holiday destinations this Summer
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Top 5 Unforgettable Family holiday destinations this Summer

Jul 14, 2017
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Unforgettable family holidays always come with the right destination. Families all over the world gave us their feedback and have recommended the following top 5 destinations.

  • Singapore

Why Singapore? At first glance it looks like a very small city with limited entertainment. But you’d be wrong. This metropolis is full of amazing family attractions, delicious food, a variety of different and diverse cultures and customs form all over Asia.

Top attraction is Universal Studios and it is perfect to take unforgettable family pictures with the Minions or other characters your kids, husband, wife like the most.

Another important point to note is that English is the common language which make things even easier.


  • Japan

Japan has a lot of benefits for a family. First of all it is safe and clean, their cuisine is very rich and tasty. Kid-friendly museums and public events are everywhere in Tokyo and many of them are very cheap or free for children. Japan has few castles and Himeji Castle the largest one and one of the most beautiful. It is a great opportunity to have fun while learning more about its legends and ghost stories.

The downside is that travelling in Japan can present challenges such as the language and narrow crowded streets. Nevertheless we will have very memorable with your children.


  • Thailand

For many reasons, Thailand is a great destination to go with children. You can visit Buddhist Temples, experience elephant riding, enjoy snorkeling in the ocean, … With new technology, cameras can take pictures underwater and it will be left with remarkable memories.

Thai people are very friendly and especially in regards to children. The cost of living is very affordable for a family which make it possible to do a lot of activities.


  • New Zealand

If your family is a big movie lover, you can visit The Lord of the Rings filming locations. It is very lovely to see their small and lovely houses. Your second step can be a whale and dolphin watching in Kaikoura. Snorkeling and seals are available over there too.

If you like outdoorsy staying, all over the country you can find kid-friendly camping sites. It is very nice for kids to experience a different Life style.


  • Australia

If you are looking for a very big Country, Australia is made for your family. There is always something for everyone: beaches, animal park, art and of course kangaroos. Spend the day at a wildlife park and we will see unique animals. Always great when you see what reaction your kids have.


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