Wondering if you should invest in an Amazon Echo for your home? The answer’s an easy ‘yes’: If there’s something it can’t do straight out of the box, there’s probably a ‘Skill’ it can learn for it.

That’s right: You can enable various Skills that allow you to do so much more with your Amazon home device. Simply download the Amazon Alexa app and search for the Skill that you desire! You can enable it there and then or ask Alexa to do it all for you.

Other than asking Alexa to give you weather updates, control your smart home, and do various tips and tricks, we have come up with a list of a few entertaining Alexa Skills that are both free to download and full of fun. Read on for more fun tips, tricks, and Alexa Skills for your Amazon home device.

Amazon Echo Tips, Tricks and Alexa Skills for the Family

Whether you’ve just purchased a new Amazon Alexa device or you’re simply looking for new ways to make the most of your virtual assistant, it’ll be hard to run out of fun things to do with Alexa. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Test Yourself with a Question of the Day

Wake up your brain in the morning with a trivia question! Download the ‘Question of the Day’ Skill and receive a new trivia question every day. Test and improve your knowledge on a range of themes and play with 1 to 4 players using the Question of the Day Game Packs, which cover topics like Arts and Entertainment, The Solar System, World Capitals, Dinosaurs, and many, many more!

2. Tell your Children a Bedtime Story

Using the “Short Bedtime Story” Skill, you can have Alexa tell your children various stories as they drift off to sleep for an interactive storytime. You can even personalize the stories with your children’s names to make the experience extra special.

3. Create your own Household Intercom

Do your kids keep missing the school bus because they can’t hear you calling them? If you have more than one Amazon Alexa device in your home—perhaps there’s an Echo in the kitchen, another in the living room, and one in your kid’s bedroom—you can broadcast your announcements across all devices in your smart home. To save your time and your voice, just ask Alexa to announce that the bus is here (or any other message you may have) and it will be repeated around the house.

4. Play Fun Games

This is one of the most fun things to do with an Amazon Echo! There’s an ever-growing list of games that can be played through an Amazon Alexa device, but here are some of our favorites:

  • Would You Rather?: A simple but addictive game to play with the whole family.
  • The Magic Door: An interactive adventure game that allows you to explore a magical land from the comfort of your own home. Collect hidden items, solve various riddles, and help magical creatures along the way!
  • Simon Says: If your kids still have plenty of energy right before bedtime, set them up with a game of Simon Says. This way, you can get on with organizing dinner without having to worry about what they’re doing.
  • Music Quizzes: There are plenty of music quizzes you can enable and play with your friends and family. It’s the perfect game for any dinner party!
  • The Potterhead Quiz: Whether you’re a muggle or a wizard, test your Harry Potter knowledge with a fun quiz using your Amazon Echo. Need more? There are plenty more Potterhead quizzes to choose from, including the “Harry Potter House Quiz” and “Marauder’s Map: Riddikulusly Difficult Potter Quiz”.
  • Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock: Are you a fan of The Big Bang Theory? Challenge Alexa to one of Sheldon’s favorite games.
  • Pikachu Talk: You can also talk to Pikachu using your Amazon Echo! There’s plenty of things for you and Pikachu to chat about. Want to hear a funny story? That’s not a problem for Pikachu. Want Pikachu to sing a birthday song for you? Our favorite yellow electric mouse can do that, too.

Imagine how much fun you’ll have with Alexa during parties! It’s the perfect techy present for your loved ones who enjoy entertaining.

5. Receive a Daily History Lesson

Test your history knowledge using your Amazon Echo! All you need to do is say “Alexa, open this day in history” to receive information about various historical events that happened on that day in the past. And you’re not just restricted to the current day: You can ask for historical information for any other day of the year by saying something along the lines of “Alexa, ask This Day in History what happened on the 12th of March”.

6. Relax to Sleep Sounds

Having trouble sleeping? Or simply looking for some background noise to relax or work to? From rain or forest sounds to ocean and fireplace sounds, you can choose from a wide range of sleep sounds to help you unwind, relieve stress, or block out any unwanted noise. It’s also perfect for yoga workouts!

7. Manage your Finances

From checking your balance to sending money, you can manage your finances from the comfort of your own home with the power of your own voice! From PayPal to Amex and Capital One, stay on track of your finances with Alexa. Additional security pins are used for an added layer of security whenever you open the Skill, but check the terms and conditions for each Skill before you get started.

8. Exercise with Alexa

With a range of health and fitness Skills to choose from, you can get fit at home with a little help from Alexa. Download the ‘7-Minute Workout’ to help you achieve your fitness goals: With over 45 new exercises to try, you’ll never stop being excited to work out. Looking for some motivation? The ‘Inspire Me’ Skill will offer you inspirational audio clips to help you start your day off the right way!

9. Get Information

As well as all the news channels, there are a number of Skills that you can enable to get information and advice regarding a variety of topics. Here are just a couple of the information Skills that you can download onto your Amazon Echo:

  • Doctor Pooch: Have you recently adopted a new fur baby and don’t know what to feed them? Enable the ‘Doctor Pooch’ Skill and find out what foods are or aren’t acceptable to offer your dog or cat. This skill is also extremely helpful if your pet picks up something off the floor and you don’t know whether to worry or not.
  • Butterball: Making your first Thanksgiving turkey? Or simply need some tips and inspiration for your turkey dinner? Plan, prepare and cook your bird the right way with the ‘Butterball’ Skill.
Alexa tips and tricks for the family

10. Control your Nixplay Digital Photo Frame

Use your Amazon Echo to control your Nixplay photo frame. All you need to do is search for the Nixplay Skill and select “Enable”! Try out some of these phrases/requests to get started:

  • “Alexa, open my frame”
  • “Alexa, ask my frame to show me my playlist”
  • “Alexa, ask my frame if it’s connected”

This skill is compatible with the Nixplay Smart Frames, the Nixplay Seed line, and the Nixplay Seed Wave. Try it today to control your digital photo frame using the sound of your own voice!

And that’s our list of our favorite fun things to do with Alexa. Are you still struggling to find the best Alexa Skills for you? Make it easy and enable the ‘Skill Finder’ and find new skills—if you ask her, she’ll even give you a skill of the day! Or you can discover a list of the Amazon Alexa Skills online today.