Sick of the same old Christmas photo ideas? Need some fresh inspiration on how to make a fun holiday card to send out to family and friends? This year, getting in the holiday spirit is especially important. So check out our list of Christmas card ideas for some festive inspiration and spread the holiday cheer with a unique family Christmas card.

Family Christmas Photo Ideas

Need some festive inspiration for your family Christmas card ideas this year? Check out some of our unique holiday card ideas to help you take a family Christmas photo to remember:

Christmas Family Picture Ideas

The festive fireplace

Let’s start with a traditional Christmas card idea. Set yourselves up in front of a cozy fireplace adorned with your family’s holiday stockings, or settle down by the Christmas tree surrounded by wrapped presents for the ultimate festive backdrop.

Santa’s little helper

Got a newborn baby or toddler? For a homemade solution without the cost of a professional studio and photographer, take a roll of your favorite gift wrap and tape some to the wall and along the floor as a festive backdrop. Et voila! You have your own mini studio for your little one. This trick also works well with your furry friends—just mind their claws on the gift wrap!

You could even go one step further and pose your little one in a stocking—try positioning them on the floor, propped up with festive pillows if they need support.

Family fun

Set up your camera on self timer to capture you and your family as you decorate the tree. For a truly festive family Christmas photo, photograph the youngest of your clan being lifted to the top of the tree to add the Christmas topper. Candid, natural moments usually make for the best photos, and this one’s no exception.

Seasonal skating

How are you on a pair of ice skates? For this unique family Christmas card idea, head to your local ice rink to capture some great shots.

Top tip: Make sure you go when it’s not too busy so you can have a nice clean background for your pictures!

Festive baking

What’s better than Christmas family picture ideas that involve tasty treats? Get the family baking a batch of delicious chocolate chip cookies or gingerbread men whilst someone stands by and photographs the process. It might get a little messy, but it’ll be worth it

Santa’s grotto

Make a den in the living room using bedsheets and blankets. Liven it up with your favorite Christmas decorations and LOTS of fairy lights – a cozy, festive backdrop for a lovely family Christmas photo!

Christmas tree forest

Got a toddler? Head to the local tree farm with your camera and let them wander around. There will be plenty of precious moments to capture as they venture through the trees.

Top tip: Time it right and catch the golden hour light just before sunset for a beautifully lit family Christmas photo.

Letter to Santa

Have your kids write a letter to Santa and snap a shot of them writing and reading it before they send it off. It’ll allow them to practice their spelling and writing skills, and offer a selection of great Christmas card photo ideas.

DIY festive photo effects

Grab your favorite Christmas wreath and pull it up to the camera lens to add a festive frame to your family Christmas photo. This idea will work with a ring of fairy lights too.

And whatever you do, don’t forget to include the family pet—because Santa Paws is coming to town too!

Fun Family Christmas Photo Ideas

Christmas Card Ideas and Props

But wait… there’s more! If you can’t play around with the backdrop, another way to add a festive touch to your family Christmas photos is to use props. To complement our Christmas family picture ideas, we suggest:

  • Fairy lights. Obviously! The perfect addition to any family Christmas photo shoot. Whether you opt for yellow, white, or colored lights, they add a great ambiance and effect to any festive photo.
  • Christmas jumpers. For simple yet effective family Christmas photo ideas. And if you want to go a little bit further, get everyone to wear matching holiday jumpers.
  • ALL the Christmas decorations. From baubles and ornaments to tinsel and garlands, feel free to go all out! Go one step further and get personalized stockings and decorations to add a homely touch to your unique family Christmas card ideas. You can even use candy canes to decorate–just make sure they’re in mint condition first.
  • Christmas presents. If you’re taking these pictures well in advance for the Christmas cards you’ll send out, you may not have your gifts all sorted yet. Create faux presents by wrapping up any spare packing boxes or shoeboxes and finish them off with ribbons and labels.

Unique Family Christmas Card Ideas for your Nixplay Frame

Go the extra mile and record a live family Christmas card for your family. Whether you put together a compilation of festive messages from family members all over, or you all get together to film a message as a group, a digital Christmas card like this is bound to impress. And if your family members own a Nixplay Smart Frame, you can send the homemade clip straight to them using Wi-Fi technology! It’s the best way to stay close to your loved ones this holiday season.

Show off your Family Christmas Photos with a Nixplay Frame

While your family members and friends can hang up your cards or display them on the mantelpiece, you’ll probably come across a few photos that you’ll want to keep for yourself. Using a Nixplay digital photo frame, you can display all of your family Christmas photos in one place with ease. Let it stand out and mount it on the wall so everyone can see your snaps, or stand it above the fireplace as a feature piece. The Hu-Motion sensor will pick up when someone is walking by, turning your Smart Frame on and off automatically. And you can control everything from the comfort of your own phone with the Nixplay App. Browse the range online today and stay close this Christmas.

Happy holidays, from Nixplay.