20 Things You’d Wish You Could’ve Told Your Younger Self
20 Things You’d Wish You Could’ve Told Your Younger Self
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20 Things You’d Wish You Could’ve Told Your Younger Self

By: Mars Salazar

Jan 17, 2020
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We’re kicking off 2020 with a list of things we wish we knew when we were 20. Read on!

1. Find true friends and keep them forever.

You know those people who have experienced life’s ups and downs with you, and are still stuck to your side until now? Treasure them: They’re rare gems in a world full of fleeting friendships. 

2. Let your family know that you love them.

Your parents did the best they could for you. Thank them. Forgive them. Be patient with them. Love them.

3. Invest in experiences, not in things.

The sheen of material things fades over time. Objects become scuffed, worn out, dirty, or broken. Experiences, however, create memories that last a lifetime (which you should capture and display on a Nixplay Frame!).

4. Don’t stop learning.

Always strive to be the smartest person in the room. And if you’re already the smartest person in the room, leave that room immediately and start the process again. That’s how we grow.

5. Find a mentor.

Mentors provide invaluable knowledge, feedback, and encouragement, and can help you grow personally and professionally. In relation to the previous number, what better person to learn from than someone who’s an expert in your chosen field?

6. Start good habits.

Little habits, such as exercising every day, paying bills promptly, and being on time always, add up and transform you into a more disciplined version of yourself.

7. Your accomplishments (or lack thereof) don’t define you.

At the end of the day, the number of medals, awards, and accolades you’ve reaped don’t matter. What’s important is that you tried, you did your best, and you grew from your experiences.

8. And neither does your career.

So you’re not in the company you’ve dreamed of working for, or you didn’t get that promotion you wanted. And you know what? That’s totally okay! Roll up your sleeves, brush up on your skills, and expand your network. You’ll be named employee of the month before you know it.

9. Make more time for your family.

Relationships come and go, but your family is irreplaceable. Make it a priority to spend quality time with them regularly, and never miss a chance to let them know that they mean so much to you.

10. Take care of your body…

All the money in the world can only do so much when your health is in shambles. Since prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure, start creating healthy habits as early as now: eat vegetables, avoid smoking and drinking, take your vitamins, drink eight glasses of water.

11. …And keep pushing its limits.

When you’re in your 20s, your body is in its prime. Now’s the time to try all the things you’ve always wanted to try, from skiing to rock climbing to surfing to skydiving. Discover what you’re capable of!

12. Looks aren’t everything.

As much as it hurts to admit, you won’t stay young and beautiful forever. You’ll have wrinkles, your weight will fluctuate, your hair will be a problem. Maintain your looks, but keep in mind that what truly matters is your inner beauty. 

13. Manage your money wisely.

Personal finance isn’t exactly fun, but it’s incredibly important. Earmark for savings a set percentage of your salary each month, pay your credit card on time, and look into the many ways you can make your money grow faster. 

14. Travel more often.

Traveling is an eye-opening, enlightening, and rewarding experience. It’s the best way to broaden your horizons. Try to visit as many destinations as you can while you’re still young and commitment-free.

15. Give back.

There’s an advocacy for everyone, whether you’re into disaster risk reduction or childhood education. Find a cause that means a lot to you, dedicate yourself to it, and make a difference.

16. Remember that you’re not entitled to anything.

Sometimes, things just don’t work out even if you did your best. And when things seem unfair, remember that no one owes you anything. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again.

17. Take risks. Be brave.

Remember: the most exciting moments of your life happen when you’re outside your comfort zone.

18. Set goals and don’t lose sight of them.

Goals, whether achievable (like a monthly savings target) or seemingly impossible (like owning a house before turning 30), force you to take more risks, get creative, and hustle hard. You’ll be forced to push yourself to your limits and improve exponentially. And in our book, progress is always a good thing.

19. Don’t think about what people think.

No matter what you do, people will always, always say something. Our advice? Don’t listen to them (unless they’re asking you to quit a dangerous habit–then you should totally listen to them). Follow the beat of your own drum, and do what’s best for your life.

20. You’re going to mess up. And it’s okay!

People make mistakes. We all do. And that’s normal. The important thing is that you learn from your errors and try again. 

Marianne is Nixplay’s Web Content Editor. Her hobbies include exploring new places, playing table tennis, and cuddling puppies. Send her a message at marianne.salazar@nixplay.com.