Nixplay has partnered with the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO) for the Save Your Photos initiative, a public service outreach campaign that teaches individuals how they can preserve life’s irreplaceable photos, videos, and documents in case of an unforeseen accident or disaster. Visit the Save Your Photos website for more information.

Downsizing. Living with less. The desire for a smaller environmental footprint. These are some of the terms used to describe the process of moving out of a large house to a smaller apartment or the choice to live in a place with less square footage.

With this goal in mind, the first step requires you to sort through your belongings in order to prioritize what you want to bring with you.

“Prospective downsizers exceed upsizers nearly 3 to 1,” according to San Francisco-based pickup, storage, and delivery service CityStash.

For over 13 years, professional photo organizer Molly Bullard has been helping individuals and families sort, digitize, and share their memorabilia. Molly, a member of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO), found a niche market for her services in 2005 when digital cameras were first introduced to the consumer market. It hit a lightning pace with the launch of high-quality cell phone pictures and offerings of inexpensive digital and cloud storage.

Last spring, Molly got a call from a son that was helping his mom downsize from their family home. His goal was to work with Molly to sort through all their photos to find “the keepers,”  scan the originals and display the favorites on a digital photo frame. Although living with less of her possessions, he envisioned the frame as a bridge for her to enjoy all her favorite memories, albeit in a smaller space.

After hearing his story, Molly recommended he purchase the Nixplay Edge 8” photo framewhich would fit nicely on his mother’s side table. Molly found Nixplay frames incredibly easy to use, and she personally has the same frame in her own home. She uses the Nixplay iPhone App to load her favorites from scanned picture sets, mixing in recent pictures and videos from her camera roll.

Needless to say, the Nixplay Edge turned out to be a hit gift.

With the complexity consumers face when managing the not-always-fun technical aspect of digital photos, Molly appreciates the simplicity of Nixplay frames. she first learned about Nixplay from a client she had over five years ago. Her client’s son set one up on his mother’s desk, and he would send pictures of their grandchildren living in a different state. There would be recent images of the grandchildren rotating through the slideshow every few days, and Molly’s client didn’t have to lift a finger.

With Molly and her fellow members of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO) always available to help guide clients in organizing and digitizing their photos, there’s no more reason for your memories to be lost forever. 

Molly Bullard is the founder of Seattle Photo Organizing, a company that specializes in transforming diverse collections of archives into accessible memories. For over 13 years she has been guiding clients through their photos, slides, film or video, and digital images to find the images that best tell their story. With deep technical knowledge and a highly tuned visual eye, Molly organizes and scans all these memories to create online digital family archives, elegant photo books, captivating photo walls, custom videos, and personalized digital photo training for Mac, PC and iPhone/Android users.

Call Molly to partner with you on your project so you can simply Simplify, Remember, and Share.