We (Sherra Humphreys and Rita Norton) are co-founders of PPO Studio, where we provide training for professional photo organizers. In addition to online courses and forms for photo organizers, we host an annual invitation-only Platinum Training event for professional photo organizers.

We started in Destin, FL and then hosted our second, third, and fourth years in Nashville, TN. This is our fifth year, and we’re back in Destin for a mastermind training, wherein we take a deep dive into photo organizing as a profitable business.

It’s a unique combination of smart businesswomen who want to connect with like-minded colleagues and bring their business to the next level. We focus on doing what it takes to build a profitable photo organizing business. Our small group training gives us the opportunity to dive deep with 1:1 conversations that uncover all sorts of business challenges that we can help them work through. We work closely with the ladies to elevate their businesses and provide them with tangible changes to implement, resulting in more profitability and increased passion for a business they already love.

As professional photo organizers, we’re always looking for ways to thrill our clients with their family photos. One of our favorite ways is through a digital frame. Once we have organized the best of the best of the client’s digital photos, loading those photos to the Nixplay website and creating a playlist for them is a beautiful way for them to enjoy their photos. Keeping a copy of digital photos on a family’s Nixplay website (cloud) is a great way to keep your photos safe. Plus, the Nixplay frame’s elegant design always impresses!

For the past two years, we have been thrilled to introduce Nixplay as our featured Premium sponsor. Nixplay gave a welcome reception, a live demonstration of their frames, and delivered a presentation of marketing ideas that taught the attendees how to “wow” their VIP clients with the Nixplay frame. We also love surprising our attendees with Nixplay Smart photo frames that they get to take home with them. The frames get better and better each year, and the HD screen quality of the frame we gave away this 2019 was no exception. Simply stunning!

With the holidays upon us, sorting through your family’s photo collection with the help of a professional photo organizer can really be magical. Those special holiday photos can all be put on one playlist in your Nixplay account and played throughout the holidays. It’s really fun to see photos in a theme and that’s how we often use the playlists for our clients. The frame sparks conversations and memories that help us all remember the stories that go with our photos. Remembering those we’ve lost and those we love…from babies to grandparents, our photos help us share stories for generations to come!