Halloween is a time for fun-filled adventures, costumes and spooky celebrations. Over time, October 31st has been revolutionized, from the original homemade décor and costumes, to high-tech drones, extravagant lighting displays and tech Halloween costumes. But while the freshly carved pumpkins and handmade costumes still live on, technology has truly transformed the way we approach the Halloween festivities.

Halloween technology and the internet

Technology and the internet have benefitted many of us over the years – from businesses and organizations to students and families. It has also had a positive effect on the holiday seasons, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween.

Wondering how tech has transformed October 31st? Technological devices have become a huge part of the whole immersive experience – from home decorating to showstopping party tricks. Here are just a few of the Halloween technology and internet features that have helped to transform the way we celebrate the spooky season:

  • Tracking apps: Apps like Find My Friends now mean that parents can be stress-free and let their older children go trick-or-treating safely with their friends.
  • Social media: Combined with the internet, social media has transformed Halloween forever. You can find haunted house reviews, costume inspiration, and spooky décor ideas with the click of a button.
  • LED bracelets: Make sure your little one is in sight throughout the night with a light-up bracelet that stands out in the dark.

Tech or treat: Fun Halloween tech ideas

The spooky season is the perfect opportunity to show off your creative side – and Halloween technology makes it even easier. Here are some of the Halloween technology ideas that have developed over time:

Tech Halloween Costumes

What about wearable Halloween tech? Over the years, and as technology has become more prominent in our everyday lives, more and more people have decided to design their own tech Halloween costumes. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Use your smartphone or tablet to develop your dramatic tech Halloween costumes. Check out this YouTube video posted by Mark Rober, where he creates the effect of a hole in his stomach using two tablets!
  • Implement LED lights into your Halloween costumes. How about creating a hat with flowing LED strips to turn you into a jelly fish? Or use some wire to form light-up fairy wings?
  • Robot suits! The ultimate tech Halloween costumes. These are more on the pricey side, but they’re definitely worth it. What’s not to love about turning into a robot for a fun-filled evening?

While Halloween technology is great for costumes, it can be dangerous to wear – if it’s not done in the right way. So remember to stay safe when wearing your tech Halloween costumes!

High-tech Halloween decorations

There are many digital Halloween decoration ideas that have been developed over the years. From spooky animations to hang around the house, to ghostly drones and holograms to haunt the exterior of your home, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • LED light shows: Outdoor lighting displays aren’t just for Christmas – these technology Halloween decorations are completely versatile. Use a projector or some string LED lights to spruce up your front yard and make it Halloween-ready.
  • Haunted moving paintings: Perfect for an authentic haunted house experience.
  • Halloween photo displays: Whether you’re celebrating with a party, trick or treating or a cozy night in with the kids, a great way to get in the spooky spirit is by displaying some of your favorite Halloween snaps – past and present.

Looking for a way to show off your spooky surprises at home? Make your Halloween memorable with a digital photo frame – the perfect way to display your favorite family photos, no matter what time of year. Browse our range of Wi-Fi photo frames and Smart Frames online today to complete your Halloween technology decorations.

Things might be a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate. Why not get the whole neighborhood to decorate their front lawns and have a virtual Halloween party to keep up the spooky spirits? Whatever you do, make sure you have a happy Halloween at home with your family and carry on the festivities.