After a year of spending more time at home than ever before, many people have turned their attention to sprucing up their décor. But how are interior design trends going to change in 2021? From the growing importance of sustainable materials to how you should position your smart devices, you’ll find everything you need to know about the latest interior design trends in our guide below.

Classic Vintage

Vintage décor is a timeless classic, with antique, repurposed and salvaged pieces taking center stage. When it comes to creating a vintage theme, the key is to reference the style rather than to reproduce it, using strong colors, contrasting furniture and a less-is-more approach for a vibrant, colorful vibe. But what are the new interior design trends for vintage décor in 2021? 

Retro style is set to make a big comeback, using futuristic styles to create eye-catching designs. From neon hues to vintage typography, retro futurism makes a quirky addition to any vintage theme. Prefer something a little edgier? If so, you’ll be pleased to hear that street art styles will also be making an appearance in 2021. With a nod to the 70s, 80s and 90s, graffiti-inspired pieces will allow you to truly exercise your creativity.

Global Influence

Inspired by earthy color palettes and warm, natural textures, global influence interior design typically pairs well with wooden, woven and rattan home accessories. But what other internationally inspired styles can we expect to see in 2021? We’re all familiar with French style, renowned for its effortless chic and soft colors, or the characteristically minimal and sleek feel of Swedish interiors (we’ve got IKEA to thank for that one!). But what about lesser-known influences?

Spanish interiors are set to fill homes with vibrant yellows and terracotta reds in 2021, adding a touch of summertime to your rooms. Greece is also climbing the popularity chart, with many people opting for whitewashed walls and a mixture of sea blues and turquoise shades to give a rustic seaside feel.

Photo Frames

In recent years, people have decorated their homes with collages of photo frames, carefully positioning them to suit their favorite aesthetic. But it seems that the latest interior design trends are set to change this tradition. Interior designers are now choosing singular photo frames, focusing on one standout piece to make a real style statement. Many people are also turning their attention to digital options, where they have the freedom to change images without needing to fiddle around with the frame or spend time printing new images. Does your shabby chic interior require sepia photographs? Check out our stylish Nixplay Smart Frame, where you can easily upload your favorite memories.

Sustainable Modern Design

It’s safe to say that one of the most important design trends in 2021 will be our focus on using sustainable materials. With heightened awareness around how precious our natural resources are, many people are taking more responsibility for the environment. Reused materials and bioplastics are set to play a big part in sustainable interior design, but that doesn’t mean compromising on luxury. Often the simpler the materials, the more versatile they can be, provide you with a greater amount of design options.

Face Line Art

One of the latest interior design trends to make its way into peoples’ homes is face line art. First adopted by the millennial generation in the online world, this chic style is set to make a big impression in 2021. From bathroom wallpaper to wall canvases and home accessories, these abstract faces make an elegant addition to any interior. Typically designed in black and white, these pieces also offer optimum versatility.

House Plants

You only need to take a peep at Pinterest and Instagram to see that house plants have never been more fashionable, and this is only set to increase during 2021. From retro-style hanging creepers to beautiful blooms, you’re sure to find a plant to suit your style and space. Not only are they a charming addition to your interior, they also bring vibrancy and color to our homes – freshening the air, filtering out pollution and releasing oxygen.

And that’s our guide to what you can expect from new interior design trends in 2021! Do you want to put a personal spin on your home, adding memories shared with family and friends? If so, be sure to check out our smart photo frames, where you can share your favorite memories straight from your phone using our Nixplay App.