Following the end of World War I, Veterans Day was marked as a national holiday, dedicated to all of those who served in the war. Since then, Veterans Day celebrations have been in full swing, in honor of patriotism, the love of the country and the sacrifices that were made. 

Each year, Veterans Day celebrations involve large parades and community events, as well as parties and smaller, personal touches. But in 2020, things might look a little different. While the Veterans Day parade may not be happening this year, it doesn’t mean the celebrations are put to a halt. There are plenty of Veterans Day celebration ideas that don’t involve large groups of people, or even leaving your home. From Veterans Day photos to patriotic touches, find out how to celebrate Veterans Day in 2020 below.

Alternative Veterans Day Celebrations

Wondering how to celebrate Veterans Day in the “new normal”? Make the most of the occasion and check out our Veterans Day celebration ideas for 2020 below.

Home Gatherings

Missing the traditional Veterans Day celebrations? As long as you’re following the official guidelines, an at-home celebration with your loved ones will do the trick. Decorate the house with stars and stripes, bake a special cake and play some music – but most of all, make sure you’re safe.

Veterans Day Celebrations at Home

Gift Giving

It’s no secret that sending a thoughtful gift is a great way to give thanks, whether it’s a box of candy or a digital photo frame. There are army keepsakes, hat pins and other treasured pieces that are designed for veterans to show off their army pride.


Want to give a little something back to veterans? There are a huge number of organizations to make donations to, focusing on everything from assistance for veterans to specific charities targeted to Special Forces soldiers. So while donations can be made all year round, this is one of the very special Veterans Day celebration ideas.

Flying the Flag

Parades might be off the cards, but you can still show up by flying the flag. Veterans Day celebrations just wouldn’t be the same without it – but make sure you’re observing the proper rules. Check out’s US flag code for clarification. Better yet, get the whole neighborhood involved and adorn the streets with stars and stripes.

Veterans Day Flag

Neighborhood Posters

Arrange with your neighbors to adorn your streets with homemade posters – the perfect way to get your kids involved with the Veterans Day celebrations. An activity that can be completed in the comfort of your own homes, display your poster in your front window and turn it into a friendly neighborhood competition. You could even contact the local papers and invite them to photograph the winning entries.

Writing to a Veteran

What better way to show them you’re thinking of them? Get in touch with a veteran and organize for you and your new pen pal to share your stories and stay in touch throughout the year. You’ll learn a lot from their experiences, and they can learn from you, too. Or, send a few one-off letters without the commitment, because you never know how much your words could brighten someone’s day.

Happy Veterans Day Photos

Family Photoshoots

Got a veteran in your family? Whether they’re long-distance or down the road, set up a family photoshoot to share with them on this special occasion. Sending a distant loved one a family photo is a great way to show them that you’re thinking of them. And as long as you can keep six feet between you, get them involved in the shoot! So take some happy Veterans Day photos and share them with the family to spread the joy and celebrations.

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And that’s how to celebrate Veterans Day in 2020. Check out the New York City Veterans Day plans for this year here – including processions and virtual broadcasts.

Make this Veterans Day one to remember with Nixplay, even if it’s a year you want to forget.