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The Nixplay Gift Guide Series: Gift Ideas Under $100

The holiday season’s upon us! Have you started shopping for presents already? We’ll help you get a headstart with these eight options, all under $100. Shop on!

1. Benefit Cosmetics Goodie Goodie Gorgeous Face Set, $29.00

1-benefitThis stocking stuffer contains a mascara, bronzer, and primer, all wrapped up in a pretty tin.

2. Yootech Wireless Charger Qi-Certified 7.5W Wireless Charger, $39.95

2-yootechThis nifty wireless charger will be a great addition to your techie pal’s desk or bedside.

3. NIX Advance Digital Frame 8 Inch Widescreen, $79.99

Display your favorite holiday memories on the NIX Advance, one of the top digital frames in the market today.

4. LEGO Star Wars PORG 75230 Building Kit, from $55.99

It is impossible to resist the owl-like porgs from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Now, kids (and kids at heart) can make their own with this LEGO kit!

5. Adidas X_PLR Sneakers, $85

5-adidasThe highlighter yellow sole adds a fun touch to these knit sneakers.

6. Amazon All-new Echo Dot (3rd Gen), $49.99

6-echoThis small but mighty home assistant can play your music, check the weather for you, control compatible devices, call and message people, and do countless other skills. Save $50 by getting it with the Nixplay Seed 10.1″ Smart Photo Frame!deal of the day

7. Animal: Exploring The Zoological World, $60

7-animalsThis coffee table book is packed with beautiful illustrations, photographs, and commentary from Charles Darwin, Andy Warhol, and other notable personalities. It’s a great present for art connoisseurs, wildlife lovers, and everyone else in between.

8. Owl Cocktail Shaker, $79

8-owl shakerThis quirky cocktail shaker will be an amazing present for your Christmas party’s host.

Need more gift ideas? Find more options for everyone on your list here.

Marianne is Nixplay’s Web Content Editor. Her hobbies include exploring new places, playing table tennis, and cuddling puppies. Send her a message at marianne.salazar@nixplay.com.

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4 Animal Photography Tips You Should Try With Your Pet

It’s said that you should never work with children or animals, and this certainly rings true when trying to conduct a photo session with one of your pets. You may know them and their behavior like the back of your hand, but when it’s time to look good in front of the lens, pets can be rather difficult to work with.

Here, we have compiled four animal photography tips that you should try with your pet. Let us know if they work!

1. Use treats

Although your dog or cat may have an idea as to what’s going on when you try to get them to do certain things, they definitely don’t understand the notion of “posing”, let alone animal photography. Because of this, the easiest way to get them to look in a certain direction is by luring them with treats or toys. They’ll be camera-ready in no time!

2. Play the waiting game

If you want to take a certain picture of your pet but they’re just not playing ball, consider simply waiting around nearby with a camera in your hands. You cannot communicate what you want your pet to do, and it may be a good idea to wait for them to “naturally” pose before taking that elusive picture.

If you’re taking part in a professional animal photography shoot, then the pet is likely to be excited or nervous at first, so be sure to remain patient and allow them to get the nerves out of their system.

cute pet corgi dog animal photography on nixplay

The nicest animal photography shots are usually taken at the most unexpected moments.

3. Use natural light

If you’re new to animal photography or just photography in general, you’ll quickly learn that natural light is one of the easiest and best light sources to work with. It’s especially nice when the daylight is naturally soft and diffused on a cloudy day, making for a pleasing picture. Windows and windowsills are also great for this purpose, as the glass tends to soften the daylight even further, making for a flattering photo.

4. Take notes from sports photography

When photographers are taking pictures of sporting events, they tend to use fast shutter speeds, burst mode, and continuous autofocus. Despite the fact that we’re talking about animal photography here, the ethos is very much the same.

A fast shutter speed (preferably at least 1/250) allows you to capture still-looking pictures of a pet that won’t sit still, while activating the burst mode means that you’ll take a flurry of pictures, at least one of which will hopefully be perfect. The continuous autofocus mode is designed to prevent your images from lacking sharpness, making your animal photography as hassle-free as possible.

Animal photography is no walk in the park, but with these top tips, you should be able to get that perfect snap in no time! Besides, taking photos of your cute companion will never be a waste of time. They love you unconditionally, and it’s nice to always be reminded of your furry best friend. Don’t forget to display your pet photos on your Nixplay Digital Photo Frame! Take advantage of our back-to-school sale and buy the Nixplay Seed 8-Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Frame to get up to 30% off!

Bea is Nixplay’s Social Media Manager. She enjoys drinking coffee, reading about wars, and writing stories. Send her a message at beatrice.bisais@nixplay.com.

5 Reasons to Try Black and White Animal Photography

If you’re a budding photographer, there are no limits to the camera skills you can learn. And when it comes to animals, the results can be truly mesmerising when working with different colors and filters. Whether you’re taking cute snaps of your puppy at home or you’re out in the wild shooting some candid animal photography, here’s 5 reasons why you should make the switch from color to noir. You might even learn some cool animal photography tips on the way!

1. It Helps You See Differently

Who says that everything always has to be colorful? With black and white effects, you’re capturing more than just a photo. But why does it work so well with our furry friends?
With animals, it can be tricky to portray the mood and feeling of a photograph. But by making the switch to black and white animal pictures, you can provide more emotion. The subtlety of tones that black and white images can have helps us to feel more connected to a subject over a colored version. This one simple color change removes any distractions, and helps the viewer to focus on other aspects of the photo, such as the textures, shapes, patterns and the composition. It’s just like magic!

2. It’s Timeless and Classic

Black and white takes everything back in time, and is still looked at as the purest form of photography by most professionals.
Another reason to give black and white animal photography a try is that the black and white effect is timeless and elegant. This impact completely transforms your photos, and might even spark ideas for the future. After looking at animals through the black and white camera lens, you won’t want to look back.

3. It Tells a Story

Our whole world is in color, so it’s easy to see how colored photography depicts a more realistic view. But when you experiment with black and white tones, your work can be viewed as a rendition of reality – or how you interpret what you see. This helps you to explore a subject more and create different ways to tell a story. If you’re working on wild animal photography for example, you can’t rely on movement, position, angles or expressions for the best visuals. In this scenario – and any other animal photography scenario – pictures really do paint a thousand words. And when you take away color, you’re encouraging viewers to discover the stronger, more powerful elements of the scene.

4. It Makes You More Creative

Photographers are always looking for fresh new ways to enhance their camera skills. But when you’re shooting with animals, it can be a challenge to make the most of your talents, as you can’t afford to be picky about lighting, camera angles or positioning – and it’s not like we can ask them to sit nicely and smile for the camera! With black and white animal photography, you can still capture something that gives you a bit more creative edge, even if the shot is a little blurred and they’re not directly looking at the camera.

5. It Makes Candid Animal Photography a Breeze

Have you ever tried to take a photo of an excited little puppy that just won’t stay still? Or a beautiful, majestic bird nestled on a tree who flies away as soon as you press the shutter? Working with animals isn’t a walk in the park, but this is where candid animal photography really shines. With a candid, you want to make sure that your subject is in its natural element and living in the moment – which is all you really can do with animals. But when you’re aiming for the best black and white animal photography, try introducing a prop or getting more of a landscape view. That way, the candid is made up of several other elements that a viewer can focus on without the distraction of color.

<h2>Black and White Animal Pictures: Nixplay’s Favorites</h2>
Are you a budding photographer? And an animal lover? If your answers to both are yes, our hand-picked selection of gorgeous black and white animal pictures is perfect for you. Look through them below for some inspiration and ideas!

When you’ve achieved the perfect visual masterpiece, you’ll want somewhere just as perfect to show it off. Check out our range of Nixplay Smart Frames for a unique spin on displaying your photographs.

Kitten animal photography

cat – pexels

Horses black and white animal photography

horses – pexels

Wild animal photography

monkey – pexels

Dog animal photography

dog- pexels

Elephant black and white animal photography

elephants – pexels

Black and white lion photograph

lion – pexels

Raccoon black and white photography

raccoon- pexels

Lemurs black and white animal picture

lemur – pexels

All pictures selected are free to use and download. Feel free to upload them on your Nixplay Frame!

Bea is Nixplay’s Social Media Manager. She enjoys drinking coffee, reading about wars, and writing stories. Send her a message at beatrice.bisais@nixplay.com.

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