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Tips and guides for readers who want to take better photos to display on their Nixplay Frames.

Preserve Your Family Legacy Through Photos Banner

Preserve Your Family Legacy Through Photos

Your story matters. It matters to you, it matters to your family, and it will matter to generations to come.

While it can be daunting to imagine writing your story down, much of it has already been documented through photos, which are probably scattered all over the place—stored on various devices, on hard drives, laptops and phones. And that’s just the digital ones.

The rest might be in shoeboxes, in your garage, and attic. Or they may be in slide carousels or in old leather photo albums with self-adhesive pages (which, by the way, are causing stains and damage).

How satisfying would it be to gather all your photos and organize them into a tidy system that allowed you to easily find the ones you wanted? So that you could create slideshows or presentations and even print books or create personalized gifts from them?

There’s no time like the present to put in a little bit of work—in exchange for peace of mind and the preservation of your family legacy through photos.

Every September, The Photo Managers, a community I started in 2009, holds in-person and virtual classes that educate and inspire people to save their photos. We work with professional photo organizers, photo retailers, and related companies to come up with an exciting array of activities. This year, we have 30 days of activities organized around four themes: gathering, organizing, story-telling and bringing photos to life.

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Sign up for Save Your Photos Month!

One of our photo manager members, Sue Triggs-Rhuda, runs Modern Memorykeeper, a professional photo organizing service. While working with a widow whose late husband had been a Holocaust survivor, she recently came across an entire trove of photos from Poland in the 1940’s.

“They were amazing records of these families, but they also had tremendous historical significance. And it was just this huge surprise to both of us that these photos had been sitting in a box in the attic all these years.”

“If we don’t preserve these, people won’t know about them.”

“I”m kind of bringing my clients into the digital age,” Sue says. “Once their photos are all organized, they can be displayed on Apple TV, you can post them on social media, you can do anything. But mostly, you have the peace of mind.”

Save Your Photos Month features 30+ pre-recorded mini-classes presented by industry professionals, many of whom I know personally. These sessions can prepare you with the know-how you need to tackle your photo projects—or even launch a business as a Photo Manager.

We hope you’ll join us in September for Save Your Photos Month. Sign up here!

The Importance of Lightroom Presets in Instagram Marketing

Marketing on social media has become an incredibly large business. In fact, tens of billions of dollars is spent on social media advertising in the USA alone. There are many different platforms and apps that both individuals and companies alike can market themselves on.

One of the biggest is certainly Instagram. It boasts over a billion users and is incredibly popular amongst a variety of ages groups. Of course, the name of the game for marketing (either yourself or a product) on Instagram comes down to photos.

The Importance of Lightroom Presets in Instagram Marketing

If your photos don’t look good and can’t bring people in, they likely won’t click on your profile, follow you or consider your product. Among the best ways to ensure your photos look incredible is to use Lightroom presets.

This article is going to go over the importance of using Lightroom presets when it comes to marketing on Instagram.

They can Save Time

A Lightroom preset is similar to a filter, only that it is custom-made by fine-tuning various sliders and settings within Lightroom to come out with the desired effect. Also, it will look consistent photo to photo, while filters may not, depending on lighting and other aspects.

While creating a preset itself can take a while, once it is built and saved, it can be used on any photo you want, instantly. It is essentially like having a high-quality, pre-made and customizable filter that you can use to make any photo look consistently better.

Simply having these presets ready to use can save you a ton of time compared to if you had to edit and fine-tune each one before posting. If you don’t feel like making your own presets, there are plenty of people out there who took the time to learn how to sell digital downloads and have put theirs up for sale. These will come with a cost, but will be able to save you even more time.

Takes Your Content and Photos to the Next Level

Takes Your Content and Photos to the Next Level

Of course, another reason these presets are important is simply because they take your photos to the next level. People are much more likely to follow or check out your products if your feed is full of beautiful photos with the right presets. These presets can improve every aspect of your photo. This goes from the colors, to the contrast, to the warmth and many others in between.

They can make your page much more consistent from post to post, and help it look professional at the same time. No matter where you capture a photo, the lighting or even the style, adding the right preset can ensure it stays in line with the direction of your feed and fits your aesthetic.

They Make Comparisons Easy

An important part of editing photos for Instagram is comparisons. You need to compare different presets and sliders to see how they make a photo look. Lightroom makes this easy as it allows you to easily see the photo before and after your edits and presets have been added. 

This is much simpler than having to open up multiple tabs or files. It also lets you ensure you are using the correct preset for your particular page. If you use Lightroom presets to experiment on a specific photo, you can also rest assured that the original will stay untouched. 

The app doesn’t overwrite the original photo or even edit it at all. Because of this, you will be able to always compare your presets to the original. This can help you to see which filters or settings work, and which don’t. Without comparing photos to the original, you can often lose sight of what made the photo great in the first place.

In conclusion, we hope that this blog post has been able to help you learn the importance of using Lightroom presets in your Instagram marketing efforts.

Baby’s First Photo Album Checklist | Nixplay

Baby’s First Photo Album Checklist

The first year with a newborn baby can be daunting, and it’s a pretty hectic and confusing time. But it’s also magical, precious and incredibly rewarding. And you’ll want to remember every last detail. So what’s the best way to document their development? Your brain can only hold so much information – so why not make family memories that last with a baby’s first photo album? The perfect way to store those valuable flashbacks and follow your baby’s first year in photos.

Baby’s First Year Book Ideas

Baby years fly by so fast, so it’s important to document all the special memories while you still can. And that’s where our baby’s first year book ideas come in – complete with a photo checklist and top tips for how to take good baby photos at home, so you can make sure that your baby’s first photo album is perfect.

Baby’s First Photos Checklist

Organizing a photoshoot with your baby can be tricky, which is why we’ve pulled together a baby’s first photos checklist – a selection of events, moments and concepts that you need to capture as your little one grows. So why not document your baby’s first year in photos with our checklist?

Baby’s first…It’s all relativeMajor milestones
First dayFirst visitorsFirst smileFirst haircutFirst toothFirst birthdayPhoto with momPhoto with dadPhoto with siblingsPhoto with grandparentsPhoto with god parentsGroup family shotBringing them homeSitting upStanding upLearning to walkThe first day they started to talk
It’s the little thingsThese are a few of their favorite thingsAdorable outfits
Little hands and feetHospital name and cardHolding handsBath timeFamily kissesNo.1 teddyFavorite blankieAfternoon snackFurry friendsBedtime storyFirst outfitAnimal printFancy dressSunday bestMatching family ‘fits

Happy Holiday

Celebrate the seasons with your baby’s first photo album – making the most of every holiday. Top tip? Flowers make for great baby’s first photo props. Some of the holidays that are a must for your baby’s first year book are:

  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day party
  • Halloween celebrations 
  • Happy Thanksgiving
  • Merry Christmas
  • Meeting the Easter bunny

How To Take Good Baby Photos At Home

For the best baby’s first photo album, follow our simple tips on how to take good baby photos at home:

  • Follow a color theme – you can also progress the tone and shade as baby gets older to follow their progression.
  • Use fun positions and angles – just make sure you’re being safe.
  • Involve yourself – it doesn’t just have to be baby in the photo. Document your growth and theirs together, and make the most of this time.
  • Capture the real-life moments. Not every event in life is the perfect photo opportunity, so don’t spam your phone or followers. Just focus on the touching moments that you experience with baby – for example, snuggling up for a nap with dad.

Finding The Right Baby’s First Year Picture Frame

Baby’s First Year Picture Frame

Looking for a baby’s first year picture frame that holds all the memories in one place? As well as your baby’s first year photo book, you need a digital photo frame. The perfect keepsake to store all your baby’s first photos, a Nixplay smart frame comes with 10GB free cloud storage, meaning you’re never short of space. Got long distance family? You can easily share your baby’s first year progress with them using a Wi-Fi frame from Nixplay. And if you upgrade to Nixplay Plus, you can help your whole family stay closer. Browse the collection and order yours online today.

Role As A Photo Organizer

The Life of a Photo Organizer: Jodi Bondy

Nixplay has partnered with The Photo Managers for the Save Your Photos initiative, a public service outreach campaign that teaches individuals how they can preserve life’s irreplaceable photos, videos, and documents in case of an unforeseen accident or disaster. 

As a Certified Professional Photo Organizer, I get to see some pretty cool things. Family memories on print or film, long lost memories buried in a box or trunk, and huge smiles when a project all comes together. I love mystery and, often, that’s exactly what I face when working with a client. This crazy pandemic that we’ve been dealing with for 6 months has caused many folks to start digging through those old boxes and storage bins they have harbored for years. 

So just what’s in there?

Certified Professional Photo Organizer

Many people are finding photos of their immediate family — fun 70’s bell bottoms, 80’s hairstyles, and the like. Others are uncovering the vintage photos they inherited from their parents or grandparents. They were always going to do something with those when they got them.

Role As A Photo Organizer

As a Photo Organizer, I’m able to coach or facilitate the process. Dealing with your own clutter can be overwhelming, so bringing in a neutral party will allow you some clarity to make decisions on what you can do with these newly discovered treasures. 

I met with a client once who probably had 6 big plastic storage totes, several cardboard bank boxes, a scattered mix of flash drives and even some old floppy disks! As I started to empty the boxes, I found there was no rhyme or reason as to what’s in the box. There were loose photos, framed photos, VHS tapes, partial scrapbooks and photo albums. You name it. First thing I assured my client was that whatever I found, I would protect her privacy and would not share with the world any items I may find that might be considered “sketchy”. Think HIPAA that you sign at your doctor’s office.

We started making piles of “like stuff”. If we knew which side of the family or which person was the main focus, we even separated out to that level. I had piles all over the floor and chairs! We emptied the boxes and took those out of the room, at least temporarily. 

Organizing loose photos, framed photos, VHS tapes, partial scrapbooks and photo albums

The ABC’s of Photo Organizing

Once the tubs and boxes were empty, we started with one pile and proceeded to follow the ABC’s method that most professionals use — “A” stands for photos that would be ALBUM worthy. These are the ones you would want to showcase. “B” stands for BOX. These items may have a very cool story attached to them and there may be no other evidence of the event (remember we basically took photos blindly back in the day and hoped we got some good shots). These will be stored in archival safe boxes in case there is ever a need for these in the future. “C” are the photos that can be put in the CAN. The trash can, that is.  Duplicates, blurry, no heads, etc. We all have them.  Even some landscape photos – if there are no people in these. I can tell you Google has a much better photo than the one you took! Then finally, we have the “S” which stands for the STORY. You need to have people write down the story that expands on why the photo is so important. Videos and other media take a little more time because you need to figure out what is on them, get them converted to digital and store them on a device that will be usable in the next several years. 

The ABC's of Photo Organizing

In fact, all of this takes time and effort. But the coolest thing is being able to watch a family gather around the table with the photos and memories and start sharing stories. This is a great time to have a paper and pencil handy, so you can write down the memories from everyone’s perspective. It also makes a great holiday activity when the family is all together, whether in person or via video conference. Share the photos and have a game of Guess Who. Look for family resemblances, check Uncle Harry’s cool car and his crazy plaid pants! 

Enjoy the stories with a Nixplay Frame

One of the options I typically give my clients is to buy a Nixplay (or two). They can send many of the photos to the frame and give it as a gift for another family member. How fun it can be to have a recent memory pop up followed by someone generations earlier who have the same nose. 

Littles watch nixplay

I love what I do and I take great pride in my work. So if you have that unopened box hidden away, let a professional photo organizer help you sift through the items and, perhaps, you will find hidden treasure.

Jodi is a certified professional photo manager in Indiana.  She is also an educator and volunteer emergency medical technician.  She understands the importance of human connection and the telling of stories through image and print.  When she is not working on client projects, you can find her playing with grandkids and helping others to document their memories.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving | Nixplay

The gift that keeps on giving

More and more of us are becoming independent and moving away from where we grew up, often not just to the next town, but to the other side of the world. We know how this feels – as we moved from Like from Switzerland to Australia with two toddlers in tow! 

So, how does one stay in touch with loved ones left behind? There are many ways of course, and thanks to modern technology, it’s a lot easier than it used to be a few decades ago. 

For us, photos play a central role in staying connected with family and friends, especially with my mum, who is also the only grandparent left for our kids. There are countless ways to share photos, and it can actually be quite overwhelming to choose just one. However, we stumbled over our absolute favorite way to share pictures with my mum when we decided to give her a wireless Nixplay frame for her birthday a few years ago. It has become a gift that simply keeps on giving – in expected and unexpected ways.

It lets others participate in our life

Sharing photos with others opens a window to our life and gives them the opportunity to become part of it. It gives them a little taste – not only of our exciting adventures – but sometimes simply of everyday moments and snapshots. 

Mum enjoys looking at photos on her Nixplay frame every day! It is standing at a prominent place in her living room where she can easily see it. I love how I can simply email a photo to her frame, knowing it will pop up in her living room and brighten her day. It makes it so much easier to stay connected and to forget the huge geographical distance between us.

And I’m not the only one who sends photos. Other family members do, too. Furthermore, mum loves to travel but she only takes very few photos with her. Sometimes, she travels in a small group and people then send her a few photos directly to the frame. So, when she comes home, she already has the best of her holiday memories showing up – how cool is this!?

It can serve as a trigger to share stories and memories

Only just recently, mum had her sister-in-law staying with her for a few days. Later, she told me that they were looking at the photos on the frame, almost like you’d leaf trough a photo album. The result was that they both exchanged stories, reminisced and had great conversations. 

Again, it’s all about the power of photos to connect people. With the digital frame, it was so easy to do. Think about other options: looking at photos together on a tiny mobile phone – not a great experience. Or sitting in front of a computer and clicking through tons of photos? Not great either. Looking at photobooks would be good but that requires somebody to actually make a book and have it printed. Maybe streaming the photos to a TV or creating slideshows? This requires a certain knowledge about technology and whereas it is not that hard, it feels like too much fuss and effort. For mum, this frame does all of this one fell swoop, and the ease of use makes it a perfect solution.

It lets us enjoy the temporary result of a digitizing project

A few years ago, I travelled home to help mum sort our entire physical family photo collection and to scan what we wanted to keep. Working together was a wonderful experience and our connection became even deeper and added a different layer to our relationship. Fascinating, funny and sad stories came to light that I’d never  heard of before (she is now in the process of writing them all down). I treasure this special time together so much and I recommend to all my clients who call me about physical photos to go through them with a loved one. If you’re interested to read more about how we approached this project, check out this post here.

Sorting our physical photo collection

Of course, the project wasn’t done once the photos were scanned and the prints were stored and archived. The risk with these projects is that the scanned photos will simply be added to the other thousands of digital photos we have and never look at.

I am still finalising the work on the scanned photos. We changed the dates, we added stories and meta data such as names of people etc. At the same time, we’ve been working on our family tree – and the research is far from done.

After a while, it really bugged me that mum couldn’t see the result of all our hard work. I’m not ready to upload these family scans to a cloud service before they’re finalized. This will happen eventually – very soon in fact – so we can share it with the wider family and give them the opportunity to download copies. Until then, Nixplay was – and is – the answer. As I keep ploughing through the digital processing, I keep sending the best ones to her frame so she, can enjoy the result of our work too. 

Mum as a baby with her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother

It’s not about living in the past though. It’s about making the connection to our past more visible and more present in our life. After all, without the people that were there before us, we wouldn’t be here. Sharing photos through a digital frame truly brings memories back into our lives in the easiest way possible, at least for our family. It was one of the very best gifts to mum and ourselves ever, and brings joy to our lives every day.

Chantal Imbach from Photos In Order is an Australian based professional photo manager and also the co-host of the popular podcast DIY Photo Organising. She is passionate about safeguarding photos and teaching people how to manage their photos so they can enjoy them and bring them back into their lives.

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