We all get very excited about our birthday because we know it is our day, and it is acceptable to be treated as a “star”. It is most likely one of our favorite day of the entire year. It starts with the birthday wishes, may include a nice surprise, always a birthday cake with candles and most importantly gifts! The best of all are the photos that we take to remember this great moment.

We are always curious to see how celebrities celebrate their birthdays so why not get inspiration from them.

1. Katy Perry

Katy Perry is one of the best celebrity to speak about birthdays. For her last song “birthday” she attended 5 very different birthdays to make her video clip. She is the queen of costumes and pranks. She always has great ideas to make this day unique.


2. Pharrell Williams

What to get your boyfriend for his birthday? Is he a big fan of hamburger and SpongeBob? A great surprise would be to have both on a birthday cake like Pharrell Williams did.  You can imagine all your guests with similar costumes to celebrate this special day.


3. Fergie

When you are a new parent, a personalized cake can be one of the best birthday ideas for your wife. A birthday cake with the picture of your child saying “Happy Birthday Mommy” is a very lovely idea.  More and more companies are specialized in personalized photo cakes.


4. Marilyn Monroe

Who can forget Marilyn’s legendary song “Happy Birthday Mr. President”?  Just think how unforgivable it would be to speak about celebrities birthday photos without adding Marilyn Monroe. You can think about making a photo montage with the birthday girl or boy. These last few years it has become very popular because much easier to make with new applications available.


5. Selena Gomez

Flowers can be expected for your birthday but a cake with real flowers on it can be very surprising. Matching rose birthday cake to your outfit makes very nice birthday photos.


6. Lionel Messi

Black and white photography is a very elegant way to capture a family moment without artifice. It is nice to stay very simple and authentic. Number balloons are a great item to buy to remember your age when you look at all your birthday pictures.


7. Fabolous

When you insist to be treated as a king for your birthday, you can expect a crown and a cake fit for a king. Only missing details: where is the King’s Cape and the scepter?


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