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Irreplaceable Gifts For Your Family

Our families mean the world to us, and oftentimes it can be hard to express just how important these people are to us. When considering gifts to give your loved ones, a present can be more meaningful when it comes from the heart. Take a look at these options for gifts that will leave a permanent mark on your family’s life.

A gift to help them feel more present

For families separated by distance, feeling like you’re with your loved ones can be the greatest gift of all. Consider purchasing something that can help them feel your presence in their lives even if your schedules don’t easily line up. Digital photo frames are a great option for family members looking to reconnect through old memories, elderly relatives who can’t travel as much, or people who want to honor their late loved ones. It’s a great way to keep in mind those closest to your heart: Not only does it keep the faces of the people you love within sight, but the videos playing on a digital photo frame also keeps the voices of distant family present and remembered.

A gift for better living

Supporting good habits and encouraging healthy behavior is a gift that can have a lasting impact on the well-being of your family. If you have kids, it’s essential to establish healthy eating habits in young children to help them grow strong and stay healthy. Look for nutritious recipes that you can cook as a whole family⁠—acting as both a way to spend quality time together while also giving the gift of physical wellness.

For your partner, older relatives, or anyone else in your family looking for help eating better, there are printable meal-planning templates that can help them achieve their wellness goals while collaboratively working towards a better quality of life. As nutrition is key to living a longer life, supporting loved ones in this way demonstrates how much you value their presence in your life.

A gift for motivation

One of the greatest gifts that you can offer someone is an open ear and an opportunity to help them grow. As you think about the ways you want to give back to a family member, consider which qualities you admire most about them. Helping your friends or family reach their potential can be one of the most mutually rewarding experiences, and luckily there are several different ways to accomplish this.

One way to provide support for a family member in this way is to volunteer your time to help them harness their talents or gifts, such as taking a cooking class or visiting an art museum with them. If time isn’t always something you can offer, consider purchasing a guided journal for your loved one. Using this journal allows them to ask focused questions and plan different activities for deeper thought. Journals can be a great start to self-exploration and aid in goal-setting, making your gift a memorable part of their personal development.

A gift for peace of mind

Something you might not think about often but is unquestionably important is how you can continue to give to your families past your time with them. Ensuring that the ones closest to you are taken care of financially in the long run not only grants peace of mind but will guarantee that they are protected under any unforeseen circumstance. Life insurance isn’t as expensive as most people think and it can serve as a responsible gift for family members who rely on you financially, will act as an income replacement, and can help pay major payments should you no longer be there to provide for them. Listing your family as the beneficiary of your policy can help support any members who might be looking to go to college, have a mortgage, or have younger children.

While picking out the perfect gift isn’t always easy, finding something that is irreplaceable to your family can demonstrate the love and care you have for these special people. From physical gifts to simply the dedication of your time, the ways to give to your family are endless. And remember, just as author Catherine Pulsifer says, “giving to others will not take away from what you have but will, in fact, add to your life.”

What Is The Best Digital Photo Frame For You?

What Is The Best Digital Photo Frame For You?

Investing in a digital photo frame is exciting for everyone in the family. Not only will you have a unique way to store all of your memories, but you’ll also benefit from having a sleek, sophisticated decoration in your home.

With a digital photo frame, you don’t have to leave all of your photos sitting forlornly in a hard drive. Instead, you can show them all off to the world and share them with family and friends with just a few simple clicks. Whether you’re on a budget or you want to splurge on top-shelf quality, Nixplay has a variety of choices to suit everyone.

Digital Photo Frame Features

Not all of us have the option of having a different photo frame for every picture. They take up valuable space in the home, they break easily, and placing the photo perfectly is super fiddly. It’s also worth noting that getting photos printed and framed individually can cost a lot in the long run. The alternative is to stack all your photos up into albums, where they’ll most likely be stored in a cupboard gathering dust.

The answer to this? A Nixplay digital photo frame, which can hold all your captured moments. When looking at which digital photo frame to buy, you’ve got several options. The best digital frames have a range of distinctive features.

Every Nixplay frame has something different. There are Smart Frames you can control using Alexa and Google Assistant, a Wi-Fi frame with powerful Bluetooth speakers that can play your personal music playlists, and premium digital photo frames that work instantly with a simple USB plug-in.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, a Nixplay frame will be your go-to gadget for your most precious memories. With a range of colors and styles to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect frame for any corner of your home.

Which Digital Photo Frame Should I Buy?

Check out the table below to find out which features each Nixplay frame has and decide which one is right for you.

FrameWi-FiUSB/SD CardMusic StreamingVideo PlaybackSmart Home Connectivity
Nixplay Smart Frame
Nixplay Seed
Nixplay Seed Wave
NIX Digital Photo Frame
NIX Advance

Want to learn more about the other exclusive features of each Nixplay Frame and how each one can enhance your home? Take a look at our buying guide below.

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Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Kids

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas For Children

Let’s just put it out there: You’re not the only one who forgot to organize a Halloween costume for your child this year. But now it’s the day of the party, and you really have to stretch to the limits of your imagination for those children’s costume ideas. So, we’ve done the thinking for you!

Quick, easy and simple, be sure to treasure the memories with some photos, perfectly displayed on one of our Nixplay Digital Photo Frames.


Emoji Halloween Costumes For Kids

You can get really creative with this one–and get your kids involved too! All you need is a large cardboard box, some scissors, string and paint.

Cut the cardboard into a large circle, get some yellow paint, and create the base for your emoji costume. The rest is up to you. Just choose your favourite emoji, or the one you think best suits your child, and paint the face onto your yellow canvas! 

To finish it off, pierce two holes at the top, thread the string and turn your emoji face into a necklace.

And there you have it: A quick, easy kid’s Halloween costume!

Halloween Mummy

This one may be pretty basic, but it’s an absolute classic. Simply gather all the toilet paper in your house (don’t worry, you can pick some more up at the grocery store tomorrow), or a roll of bandages may be more robust. Dress your kid in all-white, and get wrapping! Leave some strands of toilet paper hanging from the body for the complete mummified-effect, or go one step further and add some black face paint to the eyes! 

Bag of jelly beans

Last Minute Jelly Beans Halloween Costumes For Kids

This last minute Halloween costume involves blowing up a lot of balloons, so if you have an air pump handy for birthday parties, you’d best bring it out.

You will need:

1.Various colored balloons

2. A clear trash bag

3. Scissors

Cut 4 holes in a clear trash bag for arms and legs and get your child to wear it. Blow up a couple of different colored balloons, enough to fill the trash bag, and tie the bag loosely around your child’s nect. And there you have it, your own little bag of jelly beans!

Hershey’s Kiss

Hershey’s Kisses Children’s Costume Idea

You will need:

1.Wire hangers

2.A hula hoop

3. Chart paper strip

4. Lots and lots of foil

This last-minute Halloween costume is so adorable, you’ll want all the kisses!

First create the foil cap by layering and molding sheets of foil into a conical shape. Use a strip of white chart paper and write ‘Hershey’s’ on it in blue. The first part of your two-part, last minute Halloween costume is done!

The main costume is a little harder. Bend the hangers into a straight shape and attach the ends to a hula hoop using lots of duct tape. Attach one of the wire hangers into a circular shape so it can fit on the top of your child’s body, and attach to the rest of the shape. Now, use foil to cover the wire shape you’ve created. There you have it, give your little one a big kiss!

Stranger Things Kids

This one’s pretty easy–and it’s certainly on-trend. All you need are your kids’ bikes, some 80’s style clothes, and a group of friends! If you’ve got time, a trip to the thrift store should sort you out. And for a little extra something, pull out the battery-powered multi-colored Christmas lights.


Best ideas for halloween costumes, last minute ideas for halloween costumes by nixplay digital photo frames

Source: www.fabeveryday.com

This kids’ Halloween costume is far from despicable! All you need is:

  1. Yellow full sleeves hoodie
  2. Denim Overalls
  3. Thread pipe cleaners
  4. Toilet paper roll
  5. Black chart paper

Before you start, pull out the yellow hoodies and denim overalls.

Take the empty toilet paper roll, estimate an inch from both sides, and cut it off. Glue together the pieces you have cut off. If you have time, spray paint them silver. Then, cut a strip of the black chart paper, roughly the size of your child’s head. Staple the chart paper strip to the toilet roll spectales.

By this time, the kids have already put on their clothes (and have possibly guessed that this a last-minute Halloween costume attempt!) Cut the black thread pipe cleaners into small pieces and pull the bottoms through the cloth on the hoodie. Then, make the kids put on the spectacles you’ve made. Et voila, you have your little minions!

8 Easy And Witty Halloween Costume Ideas

We love pictures!  If you try any of the ideas above, or just fancy sharing photos of your ideas for kids’ Halloween costumes, share them with us. If you don’t already know about Nixplay digital photo frames, they allow you to share your trick-or-treat memories and other special events with your family. With just a few clicks, using your phone, social media or email, you can share your precious moments with loved ones using our Nixplay digital photo frames. 

Bea is Nixplay’s Social Media Manager. She enjoys drinking coffee, reading about wars, and writing stories. Send her a message at beatrice.bisais@nixplay.com.

3 Tips for Incredible Portrait Photographs

Three Portrait Photo Tips for better pictures

“Make sure I look great,” we’ve heard that request too. Every time a friend or family member asks us to take a portrait photograph, we get a little competitive to make sure it’s the best portrait photo of them. After a lot of trial, error and reading we’ve come up with tips for incredible portrait photos. No hidden agenda, except, of course- we want the pictures on your Nixplay Photo Frame to look great!

1.Use the rule of thirds:

Firstly, the rule of thirds is a very basic portrait photography technique that can be quite hard to master ( talking from experience.) Mentally break down the portrait photograph you’re going to take into 3×3 squares. Remember viewers eye’s are most drawn to the intersection points in the grid. So think about what the most important parts of the photograph will be and place them accordingly. Pictures using the rule of thirds, look really great on Nixplay Digital Photo frames like the Nixplay Seed. Place the frame in covered patio or the living room and you will make your house guests jealous!

2.Don’t be scared to get close:

Our second portrait photo tip is that we’ve observed a lot of portrait photos and noticed that often, the subject is too far away. To make an impact, the subject needs to be big enough to be seen clearly and make an impact on the viewer. Now, don’t take that as – get them so close that we can only see the blackheads on their nose. I mean, unless that’s what you were aiming for. Close up portrait photos look great on wall mounted Nixplay Digital photo frames, the Nixplay Edge is a great choice.

3.Focus on the eyes:

Here’s our third, final photo tip for portraits. When looking at a portrait photo, notice that your eyes will always look at the subject’s eyes first (no, that was not an intentional tongue twister.) Make sure the eyes are sharp and in focus. Additionally, if you want to make sure the lighting and angle is perfect- move your camera around until you can see the light reflect in your subjects eyes! 

Bonus Technical tip: Exposure Compensation

Keep in mind that in photography, one exposure setting does not fit all. Your camera may underexpose someone of a lighter skin tone and overexpose someone with a darker skin tone.  Backgrounds of extreme light or darkness can also trick the camera. The easiest way to deal with this is to navigate to your camera’s exposure compensation control. To lighten up faces go dial up the stops ( i.e. +1) and to let less light in dial it down (i.e. -1) The Nixplay Iris dims and brightens your photos based on the light level- lucky for you that once you’ve fixed your exposure compensation, you don’t need to worry about the display on your Nixplay digital photo frame. 

If these tips were helpful, share your enhanced portrait photographs with us in the comments section or tag us on facebook, instagram or twitter.  We’d love it if you show us how the portraits look on your Nixplay Digital Photo Frame! #Nixplayphototips

Bea is Nixplay’s Social Media Manager. She enjoys drinking coffee, reading about wars, and writing stories. Send her a message at beatrice.bisais@nixplay.com.

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