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6 Simple Ways To Make Your Home Feel Cozier

6 Simple Ways To Make Your Home Feel Cozier

Since we’re spending more time at home these days, it makes sense to make your abode as inviting to live in as possible. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need an expensive renovation job to achieve this goal. With these simple steps, you can transform your interiors into your own definition of a relaxing home without spending too much.

1. Clean up your clutter

Being in a disorganized environment can be stressful. If you’re on a quest to make your home a more relaxing place to be in, tidying up should be on top of your to-do list. Set aside a couple of days to tackle bursting cupboards, messy shelves, and tables piled high with all sorts of things. Be ruthless when decluttering, and dispose of items that don’t make you happy or are just not practical. Finally, make sure to organize your belongings, and invest in extra storage if necessary. While decluttering can be tedious and time-consuming, you’ll find that it can do wonders in making your place feel more liveable.

2. Soften the room with textiles

Drape a blanket on your couch, replace heavy curtains with sheer ones to let the sunlight in, and add pillows to your sofa to invite people to curl up and snuggle. A plush rug and a pouf ottoman can also get people to put up their feet and relax. These small, simple touches go a long way in making a home feel more comfortable. 

3. Display your favorite photos and mementos

Meaningful souvenirs, trinkets, and home decor can give your abode personality. These items are special to you, so it only makes sense to give them a place of honor in your home. This philosophy should extend to your photos: Why would you take dozens of photos during a vacation or a special event, only to keep them filed away in your computer forever? By displaying your photos on a Nixplay Smart Photo Frame, you’ll always be reminded of your favorite moments with the people that mean most to you.

4. Use smart appliances

What’s better than a home decked with the latest gadgets and gizmos? A home decked with gadgets that you can control with your voice or with your phone, that’s what. Invest in a Google Home or an Amazon Echo device, which you can use to control your other appliances. These smart home assistants work with Nixplay Frames, and you can just ask Google Home Assistant or Amazon Alexa to turn on your frame and play your favorite photo playlist if you’re in need of a pick-me-up.

5. Opt for warm lighting

You’d be surprised by how much impact lighting can have on a room’s atmosphere. Use natural light as much as possible–Avoid harsh, fluorescent lights, and look for energy-efficient bulbs that can impart a soft, warm glow to your space. You can also light some candles to give a room a relaxing ambiance.

6. Decorate with greenery

Plants can breathe life into an otherwise dreary space–and we mean this quite literally, as they give off oxygen and help purify the air in your home. The crucial thing is choosing the right plants for your home and lifestyle. Beginner plant moms and dads can opt for plants that are easy to care for, such as succulents or snake plants. If you love to cook, you can try tending to some potted herbs by your kitchen window. A potted palm or a fiddle leaf fig, meanwhile, can brighten up more spacious rooms.

Marianne is Nixplay’s Web Content Editor. Her hobbies include exploring new places, playing table tennis, and cuddling puppies. Send her a message at marianne.salazar@nixplay.com.

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Why You Shouldn’t Scrimp On Home Décor

When you move into a new home (or you renovate your existing one) you’re presented with a unique opportunity to design a space which is exactly suited to your tastes. However, decorating usually entails a lot of spending. Worse, it usually comes at the same time as a move or a renovation, two things which are not known for being easy on the wallet.

Nonetheless, we’re here to tell you that, while you should always strive to decorate your abode within your budget, there’s still no harm in splurging on particularly exquisite pieces every now and then. You shouldn’t scrimp on home décor, and here’s why!


Above all else, your home should be your own space – a space which makes you happy. As a result, you should aim to buy things that truly make you feel comfortable and “at home.” The devil is in the details when it comes to home décor, and spending a few extra dollars on a piece you love instead of going for a cheaper option could spell the difference between feeling content and feeling like something’s missing.

For example, if you’re putting up posters in a room, you shouldn’t feel bad about spending a couple of dollars more to have them framed. This small move instantly elevates your home décor and makes your walls look classier. Worth the splurge, don’t you think?


You get what you pay for, and this applies to your décor too. If you’re looking for high-class furnishings which will stand the test of time and still be usable in a decade, then you’re going to have to spend some decent money. Of course, there’s a balance which you need to strike between price and quality. We’re not suggesting that you go from IKEA to an Eames Lounge and a Fabergé Egg, but you should feel free to invest in some nice objects which last for a long time without breaking or looking tired.

That “Wow” Factor

If you’re like most people, you’ll be “house proud” to some degree, looking to show off your digs to any visitors. Investing in decent home décor helps give your home a “wow” factor that can be so important in making you feel proud of your home.

One great way to do this is by investing in a digital photo frame. Rather than print a bunch of regular pictures and have them gathering dust on the mantelpiece, why not have a couple of Nixplay Wi-Fi Cloud Frames displaying photos of your loved ones? A home décor investment such as this makes for a great conversation piece, giving your home brilliant talking points and an undeniable “wow” factor which will impress friends and family alike. Get a Nixplay Frame now!

Marianne is Nixplay’s Web Content Editor. Her hobbies include exploring new places, playing table tennis, and cuddling puppies. Send her a message at marianne.salazar@nixplay.com.

3 Tips for Incredible Portrait Photographs

Three Portrait Photo Tips for better pictures

“Make sure I look great,” we’ve heard that request too. Every time a friend or family member asks us to take a portrait photograph, we get a little competitive to make sure it’s the best portrait photo of them. After a lot of trial, error and reading we’ve come up with tips for incredible portrait photos. No hidden agenda, except, of course- we want the pictures on your Nixplay Photo Frame to look great!

1.Use the rule of thirds:

Firstly, the rule of thirds is a very basic portrait photography technique that can be quite hard to master ( talking from experience.) Mentally break down the portrait photograph you’re going to take into 3×3 squares. Remember viewers eye’s are most drawn to the intersection points in the grid. So think about what the most important parts of the photograph will be and place them accordingly. Pictures using the rule of thirds, look really great on Nixplay Digital Photo frames like the Nixplay Seed. Place the frame in covered patio or the living room and you will make your house guests jealous!

2.Don’t be scared to get close:

Our second portrait photo tip is that we’ve observed a lot of portrait photos and noticed that often, the subject is too far away. To make an impact, the subject needs to be big enough to be seen clearly and make an impact on the viewer. Now, don’t take that as – get them so close that we can only see the blackheads on their nose. I mean, unless that’s what you were aiming for. Close up portrait photos look great on wall mounted Nixplay Digital photo frames, the Nixplay Edge is a great choice.

3.Focus on the eyes:

Here’s our third, final photo tip for portraits. When looking at a portrait photo, notice that your eyes will always look at the subject’s eyes first (no, that was not an intentional tongue twister.) Make sure the eyes are sharp and in focus. Additionally, if you want to make sure the lighting and angle is perfect- move your camera around until you can see the light reflect in your subjects eyes! 

Bonus Technical tip: Exposure Compensation

Keep in mind that in photography, one exposure setting does not fit all. Your camera may underexpose someone of a lighter skin tone and overexpose someone with a darker skin tone.  Backgrounds of extreme light or darkness can also trick the camera. The easiest way to deal with this is to navigate to your camera’s exposure compensation control. To lighten up faces go dial up the stops ( i.e. +1) and to let less light in dial it down (i.e. -1) The Nixplay Iris dims and brightens your photos based on the light level- lucky for you that once you’ve fixed your exposure compensation, you don’t need to worry about the display on your Nixplay digital photo frame. 

If these tips were helpful, share your enhanced portrait photographs with us in the comments section or tag us on facebook, instagram or twitter.  We’d love it if you show us how the portraits look on your Nixplay Digital Photo Frame! #Nixplayphototips

Bea is Nixplay’s Social Media Manager. She enjoys drinking coffee, reading about wars, and writing stories. Send her a message at beatrice.bisais@nixplay.com.

5 Fun Ways to Use Your Digital Frame

Digital frames are perfect for displaying your digital photos, but there’s a lot more you can do with them besides run through your photo playlists. We wrote about some of these in our post 6 Creative Uses for Nixplay Frames. From using it as a monster-scaring nightlight for kids to a graphic novel display, our customers gave us some amazing ideas for how to incorporate a Nixplay frame into family life.

But there’s even more you can do! Here’s a list of a five more creative ways you can use your digital frame.

1. Use it to set the mood for a party.

If you’ve got an event or gathering coming up, you can use your Nixplay frame as part of the decor or to set the mood. Having friends over for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres? Load some images of views from the best lounge or restaurant you visited on your recent business trip, or pictures of nighttime skylines from cities around the world.

If you’re hosting a celebration, like a graduation party or going-away party, you can create a special playlist just for the event. Compile images of your graduate through the years, starting with baby pictures and going through today, or special pictures of the family who’s moving. Create a matching music playlist on your iPod, and you’ve got a perfect party starter.

2. Use your frame to help you de-stress.

Everyone can use a little help de-stressing now and then, and a digital frame can be a perfect visual aid. Upload soothing, calming photos of nature and place it on your desk at work or in a room where you spend a lot of time at home.

The best part of this is that you can change out the entire playlist whenever you like, adding or deleting new beautiful photos as you find them.

3. Use the frame to help welcome guests at your place of business.

Digital frames can also be a wonderful way to make guests feel more welcome when they come to your office or store. A digital frame with a smooth, modern design, like the Nixplay Iris, will fit perfectly in a reception area or doctor’s waiting room.

Retail businesses can use digital frames in a variety of ways to showcase their products. Clothing stores might mount digital frames in dressing rooms, to display style ideas or “how to wear” images. Interior designers and other home design businesses could use a digital frame in their showrooms, loading the frame with photos of their best work.

4. Turn it into an educational tool.

Digital frames can make great educational tools, as teachers know quite well. But whether you’re a teacher or not, you can still get some great use out of your frame by using it as a way to display trivia, historical facts, or vocabulary words.

This can be a fun addition to an office as well as the home.

5. Use it as a motivational tool.

Do you have a trip you’re saving up for, a career change you’re working toward, or another major life goal? Your digital frame can become a way to visualize that goal, helping you work harder toward meeting it.

If it’s a vacation you’re saving for, try loading the frame with images of the place you want to go. For career changers or people seeking promotion, create playlists of inspirational pictures – you could even include some motivational quotes. This will work just as well for other goals, too, from weight loss, to fitness, to education.

Digital frames have a number of uses beyond displaying the latest photos taken with your smartphone. With some creativity and effort, you can use your digital frame to bring a little extra joy into your home, your office, and your life. To find out which frame is best suited for your purposes, check out our post on finding the perfect frame for your family.

Bea is Nixplay’s Social Media Manager. She enjoys drinking coffee, reading about wars, and writing stories. Send her a message at beatrice.bisais@nixplay.com.

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