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Capturing Memories: Why Digital Photo Frames Make the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and the yearly quest for the perfect gift is underway. Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate many different types of mothers — from multi-generational mothers, to brand new mothers, to foster mothers — encompassing all the nurturing mother figures in our lives. While we can get many lovely gifts to honor our mother figures, digital photo frames are one of the best. Digital photo frames will remind our mothers of our love well beyond Mother’s Day and serve as a beacon of our love year round. In this blog, we’ll explore how digital photo frames make an exceptional gift for the mother, grandmother, aunt, neighbor, and all motherly figures in your life.  

Digital photo frames are a modern twist on motherly tradition.

One of the primary reasons digital photo frames are an ideal Mother’s Day gift is that they provide a modern twist on the traditional photo album. The motherly figures in your life likely spent hours curating scrapbooks and photos to commemorate your early milestones. A digital photo frame from Nixplay is a perfect way to give the gift of memories back to the mothers in our lives. Digital photo frames allow us to digitize our memories and preserve them for years. They also create a stunning display of cherished moments so our mothers can enjoy a rotating slideshow of family photos.

Digital photo frames offer effortless personalization.

Digital photo frames offer a level of personalization that traditional frames simply can’t match. While you can personalize a traditional frame with one photo, digital photo frames allow you to add hundreds. Nixplay’s content preload feature will enable you to add curated playlists to your digital photo frame before it even leaves the box. This way, the person you are celebrating this Mother’s Day can open a pre-personalized digital photo frame loaded with your memories together. 

Once it’s gifted, the mother figure you give the digital photo frame to can curate collections that span generations with up to five different shared albums (and unlimited shared albums if they join Nixplay Plus).

Whether it’s capturing the first steps of their grandchild, or collecting all the photos and videos from their favorite family vacation, the digital photo frame will become a gallery of your family’s shared memories. 

Digital photo frames are perfect for sibling collaboration.

If you are one of several siblings, you may be familiar with the typical, last-minute search for the perfect Mother’s Day gift that you can all contribute to. This year, a digital photo frame can be your easy but thoughtful answer. With a Nixplay frame, not only can you add preloaded photos for mom to enjoy when she opens her digital photo frame, but you can also use collaborative shared albums all year long. 

Collaborative albums make a digital photo frame from Nixplay a thoughtful gift that can keep mom in the loop on her kids’ daily lives for Mother’s Day and beyond. 

Stay connected from afar with digital photo frames. 

Digital photo frames help keep families close, even when physically apart. Through images and videos, we can share experiences enjoyed together or separately. Daily uploads serve as a way to stay in touch between visits and phone calls. Digital photo frames serve as a virtual family album that can be updated in real time, so families can stay in touch no matter where they are.  

Digital photo frames offer dynamic displays.

Unlike static photo frames, digital frames offer dynamic displays that breathe life into memories. 

Videos and special text additions add an extra layer of communication. This aspect of Nixplay digital photo frames turns the act of viewing family photos into an immersive and emotional experience, making every glance at the frame a journey through the beautiful tapestry of shared moments. 

Nixplay digital photo frames have user-friendly interfaces.

Nixplay digital photo frames are designed with a user-friendly interface, making them accessible to mothers of all technological abilities. The simplicity of uploading and organizing photos ensures that the focus remains on cherished memories rather than struggling with complicated technology. No matter the age or technological confidence of the mother you are honoring this year, a digital photo frame is a thoughtful, easy-to-use gift. 

Digital photo frames are versatile gifts for all kinds of mother figures.

Digital photo frames are a versatile gift suitable for all mother figures. Whether it’s a first-time mom, a seasoned grandmother, a beloved aunt, or a cherished friend who has taken on a motherly role, the universal appeal of capturing and reliving memories transcends generational gaps. The frame becomes a timeless keepsake that can be passed down through the family, creating a lasting legacy of love.

This Mother’s Day, consider stepping away from the predictable gifts and embracing digital photo frames. Digital photo frames offer a unique opportunity to celebrate the remarkable women in our lives who have played a pivotal role in our upbringing. Through their ability to blend technology and sentiment, digital photo frames are more than just another gadget, they are a holder of precious memories. Give the gift of timeless and continuous love through a digital photo frame. Make this Mother’s Day unforgettable. 

5 Unique Ways To Surprise Mom This Mother's Day 2020

5 Unique Ways To Surprise Mom This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up, and if you’re like us, you’re probably going to spend it at home, away from your loved ones. But you can still make it memorable for mom despite the distance! Here are some easy ways to do so.

Give her a call

Sometimes, it’s the simplest gestures that make the biggest difference. Pick up your phone and dial your mom to ask how she’s doing in these trying times. Tell her about your pup’s latest antics, ask for her special beef stew recipe so you can recreate it, and have the kids greet her a happy mother’s day over the phone. Think of it as a preview of your conversations when you get to see each other again in person! 

Send her flowers

Flowers are a surefire way to brighten up someone’s day! A bouquet of mom’s favorite blooms should have her smiling from ear to ear in a jiffy. A houseplant would also be a good idea, while potted herbs would make a great present for the mom who enjoys cooking.

Set up an online party

Thanks to technology, you can easily celebrate with mom at the same time even if you’re miles away from each other. Simply set up a video call on a video conference program like Zoom, agree on a certain time, and dial in. You can even plan family activities, such as a cooking demo, as well as games, such as Pictionary and Charades, to make your call more fun!

Have her favorite food delivered

Yes, you can treat mom to a great dessert or meal even if you’re thousands of miles away! See if her favorite restaurant or bakery delivers and order a dish she loves in time for Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to request for food pictures! Speaking of which…

Send her photos

Delight mom with the most thoughtful gift: a trip down memory lane via a compilation of photos of her favorite moments! Gather as many photos as you can: snapshots of mom being a heartbreaker in her teens, her wedding photos, pictures with you and your siblings growing up, and images of her with her grandchildren.

Set up the photos on a Nixplay Frame so you and your family can keep adding to her album! Get up to 30 percent off on selected bestselling digital photo frames, only until May 10!

Marianne is Nixplay’s Web Content Editor. Her hobbies include exploring new places, playing table tennis, and cuddling puppies. Send her a message at marianne.salazar@nixplay.com.

all moms are supermoms kristen bandy

Why All Moms Are Super Moms

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Super Mom”?

Maybe you think of the mom who always has a clean house and enjoys having people over.

Perhaps it’s the mother who volunteers for every available opportunity at school.

Or you could be picturing the mom in the pickup line who looks like she just stepped out of the pages of a magazine.

If these are the moms you had in mind, you’d be right. They are all Super Moms.

In fact, all moms are Super Moms.

Society (and our own inner voice) had us believing that everything should be put together and perfect at all times to be a “Super Mom.”

We must juggle all our responsibilities with a full face of makeup, a clean house, and impeccably behaved kids.

Well, I’ve got news for society: Life isn’t always Instagram-perfect. It just can’t be. I know mine isn’t, and if you follow me on my blog, you’ve seen firsthand my imperfections in all their glory.

Even the mothers you look up to have something in their lives that isn’t perfect.

That’s right, guys. We all have something that keeps us up at night.

It’s time we realize that being a Super Mom doesn’t mean having kids who are dressed to the nines, looking like they stepped out of a magazine or a catalog.

It doesn’t mean having a house that always looks like it’s about to be photographed for Southern Living magazine.

and it sure doesn’t mean looking beautiful 100% of the time, and definitely not for school drop off at 8am.

So what is a Super Mom?

The essence of a Super Mom lies in all the little things that no one notices. It’s the things they do day in and day out to keep their families afloat.

Maybe it’s remembering to pick up your kids for early dismissal, even if you have to set 6 alarms.

Sometimes it’s as simple as putting a snack in your child’s backpack, even if it’s not the healthiest option in the pantry.

Maybe if you’re like me, it’s stumbling out of bed at 5:30 a.m. everyday to help your kid prepare for school (thank heavens for coffee, right?).

Most days, being a Super Mom entails small everyday stuff: Things like getting up for the umpteenth time to look again at what they made in the sandbox, even if it’s the first time you’ve sat down all day.

Super Moms are the ones who, despite clinging to their last threads of sanity, still show up for their kids.

Being a Super Mom entails embracing the not-so-picture-perfect reality of motherhood in every season, especially the hard ones.

All these seemingly insignificant things make us Super Moms. And these means all the mothers in our lives deserve to be called a Super Mom.

I have been blessed to have so many Super Moms in my life.

Moms whom I look up to.

Moms whom I text in the middle of the night when my kids have a weird sickness.

Moms who let me vent to them at the end of a long day and never judge me.

I am lucky to have a fantastic mom who worked so hard to provide for herself and her three girls, despite so many obstacles. She always went without so that we could have what we needed. Was she perfect? Nope. But she definitely is a Super Mom.

I have a wonderful stepmom who welcomed her new husband’s three girls, loved them like her own, and never made them feel unwanted. I think of how old she was when she became an instant mom, and I don’t know if I could have done the same thing. Was she perfect? Again, no. But she is also a SuperMom.

My two sisters, both Super Moms, have a lot on their plates but still manage to be amazing mothers.

I am surrounded by a small but mighty tribe of friends with different parenting styles, whom I turn to whenever I need someone who understands why I can barely form a sentence at the end of the day.
They listen. They empathize. They know what it’s like. And supporting your fellow moms makes you a Super Mom.

You know what else makes one a Super Mom?

Admitting that sometimes, you just can’t have it all together.

It’s important for mothers to share their real, unvarnished experiences as much as they share the perfect moments. My blog was conceived upon this thought. I love my life and every moment is worth sharing, even when things aren’t the best.

Your mom friends, especially, need to know that things will not always be sunshine and roses. Being open with the truths of motherhood makes you a Super Mom, and it helps us all to know that we are not alone in our struggles.

On more days than I care to admit, I go to bed thinking that I have been the worst mother. I lay in bed and list all the ways that I have failed my children in just one day. Can you believe that? All it takes is just one day for me to screw up the future generation.

This is how my brain works. And I know I’m not the only one who thinks this way. I get so many messages expressing these same doubts and insecurities. You all know it fills the pages of most mom-centered books.

During these moments of uncertainty and doubt, I take a minute to look through the pictures on my phone. I see my kids’ smiling faces, and I know that they are okay. That I am doing okay. And that things will be okay.

My calm-down ritual is even better now thanks to my Nixplay frame, which lets me take this moment one step further. As I’m going through the days’ pictures to remind myself that I’m not as terrible as I think, I move them to the Nixplay app. While I’m getting some much-needed sleep, the pictures are uploading to my frame.

In the morning, while stumbling bleary-eyed to the coffee pot, the first thing I see when the sleepiness fades away is a beautiful reminder that, on my worst days, my kids still think I’m awesome. How could I believe otherwise when I see their big smiles flit across my Nixplay frame’s screen?

Having my phone pictures on display is an effective reminder that my kids are loved, happy, and thriving. It’s such a simple thing, but it brings me so much joy.

I am doing the very best I can, and this is what makes me a Super Mom.

You may have no makeup on, a messy house, and the same black yoga pants as yesterday. But if, at the end of the day, your kids go to bed knowing that they are loved, cherished, and that you would do anything for them, guess what? You are still, and will always be, a Super Mom.

real supermoms

5 Amazing Mothers We Can All Look Up to

We can all probably agree that mothers are some of the strongest, most admirable people on the planet. Bringing a human into the world and raising him or her is no easy feat, and as such, they deserve all the love and admiration we can give them.

Throughout history, we have encountered countless amazing mothers who made it work, even if the odds were stacked against them. Here are a few larger-than-life Super Moms.

Sojourner Truth

photo via Wikimedia, licensed under public domain

African-American women’s rights activist Sojourner Truth (born Isabella Baumfree) escaped from slavery with her infant daughter in 1826. Shortly after this, Truth learned that her five-year-old son was illegally sold into slavery. She fought for her son’s freedom and won her case, marking one of the first incidents in which a black woman successfully challenged a white man in a United States court. She went on to devote her life to creating reforms in society, being one of the most vocal supporters of the abolitionist cause, prison reform, and universal suffrage.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

photo via Wikimedia, licensed under public domain

Years before she became the second woman to become a U.S. Supreme Court justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg had to juggle motherhood and the demands of being one of the nine female law students at Harvard. When her husband and fellow law student Martin D. Ginsburg contracted cancer in 1956, Ruth also attended his classes and took notes for him while continuing her own studies, all on top of taking care of her toddler daughter. Her sacrifices paid off: she graduated at the top of her class and went on to become one of the strongest voices of gender equality in the face of the law. Her two children, Jane and James, also found success in their chosen fields: Jane became a lawyer like mom and dad, while James became a record label executive.

J.K. Rowling

photo via Wikimedia, licensed under Creative Commons

Before she found success as the author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling was a struggling single mom doing all she can to make ends meet. “I was a Single Parent, and a Single Parent On Benefits to boot,” she wrote. “Assumptions made about your morals, your motives for bringing your child into the world or your fitness to raise that child cut to the core of who you are.” When the Harry Potter books became big, she became a Patron of the National Council for One Parent Families (now Gingerbread), an organization that empowers single parents to support themselves and their families.

Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton

photo via Wikimedia, licensed under public domain

Broadway fans might be familiar with Eliza Schuyler Hamilton: She’s the wife of American founding father Alexander Hamilton, whose life is immortalized in his namesake bestselling musical. But Eliza’s life is just as worthy of being set into a play: she was her husband’s top supporter, did an exemplary job at maintaining the Hamilton household, and raised eight children. Two years after her husband’s death, Eliza co-founded the Orphan Asylum Society, which continues to exist today as the family and youth development organization Graham Windham. Not only is she a

Ann Jarvis

photo via Wikimedia, licensed under public domain

In 1858, while she was pregnant with her sixth child, Ann Jarvis sought to improve health and sanitary conditions in West Virginia by setting up Mother’s Day Work Clubs. These clubs provided assistance and education to families in an effort to reduce disease and infant mortality, raising money for medicine and hiring women to work in families where the mother suffered from health problems. When the American Civil War broke out, she acted as a mother to West Virginia by offering her clubs’ services neutrally to both Union and Confederate troops. After the war, she planned a “Mothers Friendship Day” to promote reconciliation and peace. On the first anniversary of her death, her daughter, Anna Marie Jarvis, organized the first official observance of Mother’s Day.

Wasn’t that inspiring? This Mother’s Day, treat your mom like royalty by surprising her with a Nixplay Frame! Get up to 25% off on selected frames, only until May 13!

netflix mothers day

5 Netflix Programs to Binge-Watch on Mother’s Day

The notion of motherhood that we see in movies and social media presents only the glossy, picture-perfect aspect of the experience. Not captured by the lens are the messy diapers, sleepless nights, unexplainable tantrums, and countless headaches. It’s not always a glamorous experience, but that’s what makes it more worthwhile.

Below, we compiled a few shows you can watch on Netflix right now to celebrate motherhood and all its ups and downs. Get the tissues and popcorn ready!

Workin’ Moms

Motherhood is not easy, especially when you’re dealing with postpartum depression, sexism in the workplace, relationships, and your own dreams and aspirations. That’s why Workin’ Moms is so relatable: This Canadian sitcom revolves around four Canadian women’s return to the workforce after having babies, humorously capturing the tricky balancing act all working mothers go through.

Gilmore Girls

This classic drama-comedy focuses on the lives of Lorelai, a thirty-something single mom, and her teenage daughter Rory as they navigate the ups and downs of suburban life in Connecticut. This sweet, well-loved series is guaranteed to bound on your heartstrings.

Bad Moms

Another hilarious movie about the struggles of “having it all,” Bad Moms tells the story of Amy Mitchell, a suburban mom of two who finds herself spread too thin while balancing the demands of her job and her responsibilities as to her kids. When she meets a laid-back single mother and a hands-on stay-at-home mom at a bar, they get inspired by one another and hilariously become better versions of themselves.

Mamma Mia!

Is your mom a fan of ABBA? If so, Mamma Mia! Should be on your must-watch list. You and your mom will enjoy singing along to the romantic musical’s song numbers, and you’ll want to hug her a little bit tighter once the credits start rolling.

Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife

Want a laugh-out-loud show? Stand-up comedienne Ali Wong’s brash, witty tirades about family life and motherhood, fueled by raging pregnancy hormones, should strike a chord and tickle all your funny bones. The best part? You don’t have to be a mom to relate to Wong—you just need a great sense of humor. A final warning: This show isn’t for uptight folks!

While you’re at it, you might as well give mom a gift that will remind her of all the fun she had while raising you! Give her a Nixplay Frame loaded with photos of her with her family, and she’ll feel like the luckiest mom in the world.

Get up to 25% off selected Nixplay Frames for Mothers Day! Hurry, offer ends on May 13!

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