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7-Day Photo Challenge: National Pet Week

For most pet owners, showing appreciation to your furry friends comes naturally. After all, they help to make us feel happier every day. Although life can get pretty busy, so time isn’t always on our side when it comes to giving our pets the attention they deserve. That’s where National Pet Week comes in – a whole seven days dedicated to our pets – and it’s just around the corner! That’s why we’ve been conjuring up a plan to help you celebrate this special occasion with your furry friends, and it’s another 7 Day Photo Challenge.

This time, we challenge you to pull together a mixture of witty portraits and candid shots of your pet – but be sure to get their good side…

Day 1: Doing a trick

The ultimate dog photo challenge! Start with a bang and show off your pet’s skills with a snap of them doing their best trick. Whether that’s of them up on their hind legs, shaking hands (or paws), rolling over or another fun pet trick. If the photos are turning out blurry, try taking them in burst or live mode to try and get the best shot. And remember, with the Nixplay smart frames you can display both videos and photos – so don’t worry if you can’t get the perfect still shot, choose video instead!

Pet can’t do any tricks? No problem! A cute snap of them looking their best is just as good.

Day 2: Fresh air

Whatever the weather, we want to see a picture of your pet enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you’re off on your daily walk, at their favorite outdoor spot or you’re trying your hand at a mini photoshoot in the back yard. Maybe your pup likes to prance around in the puddles or bask in the warmth of the sun – either way, capturing them in their element is sure to produce a happy photo that’s worth sharing with family and friends.

Day 3: Smiling for the camera

It’s no secret that an adorable photo of an animal smiling into the camera can pull on the heartstrings. So why not share a snap of your pet showing off their best smile? Simple yet effective, you could even use a black and white filter for a timeless and ‘pawfessional’ look.

This one might be a bit tricky, but we’re sure a little treat wouldn’t go unnoticed…

Day 4: Favorite toys

It’s day four and we want to see your pets with their favorite friends. From squeaky toys and cuddly animals, to tug of war ropes and bouncy balls, every pet wants to show off their favorite toy and this is the perfect opportunity to do it. So why not capture a quick shot of them playing with or even cuddling their favorite toy as they sleep?

Day 5: Dinner time

Serving up their favorite treat for dinner? Share a snap of them indulging on gourmet meal for day five. While a candid shot will work, you could also style it up to create a comical scene of your pet politely sitting at the dinner table. Better yet, take a different angle and show off your furry friend in a chef’s hat “preparing” dinner!

Day 6: Playing dress up

Dress them up in their Sunday best or a comical costume for a fun twist on today’s photo challenge. From fake glasses to jumpers and hats, there’s a range of pet clothes out there to try – although don’t force them into it. If they’re not feeling comfortable, simply set them up in a comical scene instead! Whether that’s reading a book, sitting at a computer or having a drink on a deck chair in the back yard.

Day 7: Pets and owners

For this last day, we ask you to take a photo with your pet. National Pet Week is all about promoting and encouraging responsible pet care, which is why we want to see you and your pet together. Whether that’s a selfie, an old portrait or a snap of you lounging in the local park. (We can also answer the age-old question of whether pets look like their owners…)

Pet Photography Tips

Wondering how to take good pet photos ahead of National Pet Week? Pets are unpredictable and often move about quite quickly, so capturing the right moment might be tricky. So, here are some of our top pet photography tips to get you started:

Take your pictures in burst mode: If they can’t sit still, shooting a burst of photos in one go will increase your chances of getting the perfect shot.
Look for the best light: As with any image, good light is everything – especially when it comes to pets with darker fur.
Offer a reward: Putting them through this many mini photoshoots most definitely deserves a reward! A few cuddles or treats should do it.

But the most important tip is to always remember to keep your pet safe, because putting them in danger to get the “perfect” photo definitely isn’t worth it.

Discover our top 4 pet photography tips to find out more about how to take good pet photos to prepare for your 7 Day Photo Challenge.

Sharing Your 7 Day Photo Challenges for National Pet Week

Remember to share your daily photo challenge updates with your friends and family. Upload your National Pet Week challenges to your social media profiles with the hashtags #NixplayNationalPetWeekPhoto Challenges and #NationalPetWeek and showcase your snaps. Better yet, share your photo challenges with other Nixplay users and connect your digital photo frame to your social media accounts! Create the ultimate pet photo frame with a loving slideshow of your favorite furry friend photos. Sharing memories has never been easier.

ruckus the eskimo

6 Pets You Should Follow On Instagram Right Now

One of the best things about Instagram is the fact that there are so many adorable animals to be found there. Whether you’re a dog person, a cat person, or even a chinchilla person, you’re bound to find several cuddly, huggable creatures for you to coo over. Here are a few of our favorites.

Chance The Rescue


Chance may be small enough to fit in your bag, but this small pooch has sure got a lot of attitude! His Instagram page, @thebklyndog, is filled with photo after photo of him in the coolest pup-sized clothes and accessories, from fur-lined vests and gold chain collars to dapper bowties.

Menswear Dog

Bodhi, the Shiba Inu of @mensweardog, can give the top male models a run for their money. What he lacks in abs (not that we mind, really), he makes up with his cheeky attitude and style smarts. His ability to effortlessly shift from street to dapper has earned his collaborations with Nike, Brooks Brothers, and other top brands.

Blue The Adventure Cat


You don’t have to be a cat lover to fully appreciate how adorable Blue is. This curious, smiley kitty with mesmerizing blue eyes loves the outdoors, and his adventures with his brother Skye are all captured in vivid color on his Instagram, @bluetheadventurecat.

Ruckus & Mooncake


Ruckus, a real-life cloud descended from the heavens, is an American Eskimo Dog living with his humans in the San Francisco Bay Area. Don’t you just want to sprawl out on a carpet and cuddle him all day? Follow him now at @ruckustheeskie if you can’t get enough of his fluff!

Nala Cat

A list of Instagram-famous pets would be incomplete without @nala_cat, the shelter kitten-turned-su-paw-star. With over 4.1 million followers and counting, she currently holds the Guinness World Record as the cat with the most number of Instagram followers. This fluffy gray kitty has us all wrapped around its paws, and we’re not complaining one bit.

Harrison Ford The Bulldog


Bulldogs are, understandably, not everyone’s cup of tea: They snore, they drool, and they’ve got an astounding amount of wrinkles. But there’s something about Harrison that will draw you in. It might be its expressive eyes, or its chunky build, or his calm demeanor. Either way, @harrisonfordbulldog one of our favorite dogs online!

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Marianne is Nixplay’s Web Content Editor. Her hobbies include exploring new places, playing table tennis, and cuddling puppies. Send her a message at marianne.salazar@nixplay.com.

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5 USA Vacation Spots Where You Can Bring Your Pet

Our pets are our babies—they’re our best friends and the loves of our lives, and even if they sometimes make a mess out of our stuff, we have to admit that our lives would be less colorful without them. Our hearts break every time we leave them at home when we go on vacation, and we can’t stand the sight of their sad, hopeful eyes as we close the door behind us on our way out.

Thankfully, dogs and cats are more welcome everywhere these days, and thousands of establishments across the USA have opened their doors towards our furry friends. Here are some excellent vacation spots where both you and Fido can have fun this summer.

Huntington Beach, California

This Southern California city is one of the most famous pet-friendly destinations in the USA. The city’s main draw is Huntington Dog Beach, a 1.5-mile stretch of sand where your pooch can run free. The city also hosts several events for our furry friends, including Corgi Beach Day, a gathering of corgis and their owners, and Surf City Surf Dogs, an annual dog surfing competition. After a day of frolicking under the sun, you can stop by one of the city’s many animal grooming centers and pet-friendly cafes to unwind.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket, a quaint island off Cape Cod, has a great variety of trails and beaches that your pooch can explore to its heart’s content. You can even visit a farm or go sailing with your pet! You also shouldn’t miss exploring Nantucket’s historic downtown with your pooch—don’t hesitate to pause every once in a while to admire the architecture of the town’s well-preserved buildings. Just make sure your pet is on a leash when you’re exploring, and you’re good to go.

Bar Harbor, Maine

The town of Bar Harbor loves dogs so much, the townspeople named a beach after a local yellow Labrador named Brady. Start your day with a handcrafted cup of joe at Coffee Hound Coffee Bar, which is run by a dog-loving couple, and stop by the aptly named Bark Harbor dog store to pick up some treats and supplies for your pooch. When you’re all fueled up, go hiking at Acadia National Park, and finish your day with a sunset cruise.

Lake Placid, New York

Beautiful Lake Placid is one of the oldest vacation destinations in the USA, and one of the most pet-friendly. People will stop to pet your dog, and some shopkeepers will gladly offer your pooch treats. Got an active dog? Walk the 2.7-mile trail around Mirror Lake, and unwind on the beach while your pooch swims in the clean water. You can also visit the John Brown Farm, which has a nice trail suitable for pooches of any age.

Key Largo, Florida

A vacation in the Florida Keys is always a good idea, especially when you’ve got a furry friend or two in tow. Key Largo, in particular, has several pet-friendly resorts, as well as restaurants with outdoor patios for your dog or cat. Dogs are also welcome at a number of attractions and parks in Key Largo and the surrounding islands. You can bring Fido to the National Key Deer Refuge (but be on the lookout for alligators), as well as Jack Watson’s Nature Trail in Big Pin Key.

We wish you and your pet nothing but happy, sunny days this summer! Don’t forget to capture your vacation memories on a Nixplay Frame! Get 15% off selected frames, only until June 30!

Marianne is Nixplay’s Web Content Editor. Her hobbies include exploring new places, playing table tennis, and cuddling puppies. Send her a message at marianne.salazar@nixplay.com.

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How To Take Great Summer Photos Of Your Pet

If you haven’t cooed over a cute dog or cat photo online, you’re probably an unfeeling soul with a heart of stone. But what most people don’t know is that a lot of work (and treats) have gone into all those cute animal pictures you’ve swooned over. If the dog picture you just double-tapped look like it was captured effortlessly, the photographer must have done a great job—and we’d like to help you do the same.

Whether you’d like to turn your pooch into a summer social media star or just want to capture its best angles under the sun, the tips below should help improve your pet photography skills. Read on and start snapping!

Take advantage of the sunshine

Summer is the perfect season to practice your outdoor photography skills. Take advantage of the sunshine and get your pet outdoors! Your pooch would love the chance to bask in the sun after several cloudy months. Plus, more natural light allows you to use faster shutter speeds, letting you take vibrant photos of your pup while he’s zooming around.

Focus on the eyes

Your pet’s eyes are the windows to its soul, so don’t be afraid to focus on them. If you’ve got a cat, try to take its close-up shots somewhere without harsh light to capture its dilated pupils.

Play with props

What’s cuter than a smiling pug? A smiling pug in sunglasses, that’s what. Props and simple costumes can add a fun, summery vibe to your pet photos, so if you’ve always wanted to dress up your pet in a Hawaiian-printed shirt, now’s the perfect time to do so!

Use treats and toys

A surefire way to capture your pet’s attention is by attracting it with its favorite toys and treats. If your dog doesn’t want to look at your camera’s lens, try holding a tennis ball or a favorite toy near your camera. Don’t forget to reward your good boy with a treat or two!

Let your pet be himself

Instead of forcing your pooch to preen and pose for you, try to take photos of your pet in his element. Enable ‘burst’ mode to capture your pet’s frolicking, and try to zoom in when your pet is catching a snooze. The goal is to document your pet’s cutest moments as they naturally occur.

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Marianne is Nixplay’s Web Content Editor. Her hobbies include exploring new places, playing table tennis, and cuddling puppies. Send her a message at marianne.salazar@nixplay.com.

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4 Animal Photography Tips You Should Try With Your Pet

It’s said that you should never work with children or animals, and this certainly rings true when trying to conduct a photo session with one of your pets. You may know them and their behavior like the back of your hand, but when it’s time to look good in front of the lens, pets can be rather difficult to work with.

Here, we have compiled four animal photography tips that you should try with your pet. Let us know if they work!

1. Use treats

Although your dog or cat may have an idea as to what’s going on when you try to get them to do certain things, they definitely don’t understand the notion of “posing”, let alone animal photography. Because of this, the easiest way to get them to look in a certain direction is by luring them with treats or toys. They’ll be camera-ready in no time!

2. Play the waiting game

If you want to take a certain picture of your pet but they’re just not playing ball, consider simply waiting around nearby with a camera in your hands. You cannot communicate what you want your pet to do, and it may be a good idea to wait for them to “naturally” pose before taking that elusive picture.

If you’re taking part in a professional animal photography shoot, then the pet is likely to be excited or nervous at first, so be sure to remain patient and allow them to get the nerves out of their system.

cute pet corgi dog animal photography on nixplay

The nicest animal photography shots are usually taken at the most unexpected moments.

3. Use natural light

If you’re new to animal photography or just photography in general, you’ll quickly learn that natural light is one of the easiest and best light sources to work with. It’s especially nice when the daylight is naturally soft and diffused on a cloudy day, making for a pleasing picture. Windows and windowsills are also great for this purpose, as the glass tends to soften the daylight even further, making for a flattering photo.

4. Take notes from sports photography

When photographers are taking pictures of sporting events, they tend to use fast shutter speeds, burst mode, and continuous autofocus. Despite the fact that we’re talking about animal photography here, the ethos is very much the same.

A fast shutter speed (preferably at least 1/250) allows you to capture still-looking pictures of a pet that won’t sit still, while activating the burst mode means that you’ll take a flurry of pictures, at least one of which will hopefully be perfect. The continuous autofocus mode is designed to prevent your images from lacking sharpness, making your animal photography as hassle-free as possible.

Animal photography is no walk in the park, but with these top tips, you should be able to get that perfect snap in no time! Besides, taking photos of your cute companion will never be a waste of time. They love you unconditionally, and it’s nice to always be reminded of your furry best friend. Don’t forget to display your pet photos on your Nixplay Digital Photo Frame! Take advantage of our back-to-school sale and buy the Nixplay Seed 8-Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Frame to get up to 30% off!

Bea is Nixplay’s Social Media Manager. She enjoys drinking coffee, reading about wars, and writing stories. Send her a message at beatrice.bisais@nixplay.com.

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