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Nixplay Frames: The Perfect Complement To Wedding Photography

Having been a professional wedding photographer for over fifteen years, I’ve seen all types of photo albums to suit every style and budget. These beautiful storytelling devices become cherished heirlooms, treasured by families over the years. But as digital photography continues to evolve, wedding photographers would inevitably provide their clients with an increasing number of images.

Every year we shoot more and more—rarely under 1000 pictures per wedding. Social media and websites like Pinterest feed the bridal brainstorm, making it easier than ever to generate ideas for interesting wedding poses and add personal touches to the couple’s wedding. This necessitates more photos, and the traditional albums are simply unable to adapt to that quantity of images.

While there is still a valid argument for selecting the best images to feature in book format, Nixplay Frames broadens the conversation by offering a unique option: a digital showcase for a large number of images, letting you relive all of your wedding’s highlights over and over.

The nice thing about Nixplay Frames is that they can complement the traditional photo album. It doesn’t have to be a competition: You can put the choicest selections in the photo album for display on your coffee table, and save the lighthearted candid shots for your Nixplay Frame. There are plenty of images that, though memorable for the bride and groom, may not warrant being printed in an archival album or as a large wall print. The Nixplay Frame can be their home.

Since Nixplay Frames can hold so many images, it’s gratifying as a photographer to know that your photos will be seen, lived with and appreciated. We work hard to create something beautiful that will last forever, and it’s disappointing to see images stored on a hard drive or USB, never being printed and eventually forgotten. I personally appreciate the Nixplay frames for providing a satisfying counterpoint.

The frames’ Wi-Fi capability adds another immensely attractive feature. Unlike a traditional photo album, these frames can easily adapt to your household as it changes. You can continuously add pictures from your phone or device to your Nixplay Frame, interspersing new images with your wedding photographs. It lifts the limits of a traditional album and makes it a very easy piece to live with.

I am personally thrilled that larger sizes are being offered. I just received the 15-inch and I’m thrilled by the larger screen. This gives skilled photographers a way to showcase the finer details of their work. The bigger the screen and the higher the image quality, the more impact your work will have on the viewer. I relish the opportunity for people to see my work on a bigger scale so they can appreciate the quality and detail that I labored over.

If you’re still thinking of getting a Nixplay Frame, I advise you to take the plunge. These frames are the perfect complement to a professional photographer’s work.

3 Tips for Incredible Portrait Photographs

Three Portrait Photo Tips for better pictures

“Make sure I look great,” we’ve heard that request too. Every time a friend or family member asks us to take a portrait photograph, we get a little competitive to make sure it’s the best portrait photo of them. After a lot of trial, error and reading we’ve come up with tips for incredible portrait photos. No hidden agenda, except, of course- we want the pictures on your Nixplay Photo Frame to look great!

1.Use the rule of thirds:

Firstly, the rule of thirds is a very basic portrait photography technique that can be quite hard to master ( talking from experience.) Mentally break down the portrait photograph you’re going to take into 3×3 squares. Remember viewers eye’s are most drawn to the intersection points in the grid. So think about what the most important parts of the photograph will be and place them accordingly. Pictures using the rule of thirds, look really great on Nixplay Digital Photo frames like the Nixplay Seed. Place the frame in covered patio or the living room and you will make your house guests jealous!

2.Don’t be scared to get close:

Our second portrait photo tip is that we’ve observed a lot of portrait photos and noticed that often, the subject is too far away. To make an impact, the subject needs to be big enough to be seen clearly and make an impact on the viewer. Now, don’t take that as – get them so close that we can only see the blackheads on their nose. I mean, unless that’s what you were aiming for. Close up portrait photos look great on wall mounted Nixplay Digital photo frames, the Nixplay Edge is a great choice.

3.Focus on the eyes:

Here’s our third, final photo tip for portraits. When looking at a portrait photo, notice that your eyes will always look at the subject’s eyes first (no, that was not an intentional tongue twister.) Make sure the eyes are sharp and in focus. Additionally, if you want to make sure the lighting and angle is perfect- move your camera around until you can see the light reflect in your subjects eyes! 

Bonus Technical tip: Exposure Compensation

Keep in mind that in photography, one exposure setting does not fit all. Your camera may underexpose someone of a lighter skin tone and overexpose someone with a darker skin tone.  Backgrounds of extreme light or darkness can also trick the camera. The easiest way to deal with this is to navigate to your camera’s exposure compensation control. To lighten up faces go dial up the stops ( i.e. +1) and to let less light in dial it down (i.e. -1) The Nixplay Iris dims and brightens your photos based on the light level- lucky for you that once you’ve fixed your exposure compensation, you don’t need to worry about the display on your Nixplay digital photo frame. 

If these tips were helpful, share your enhanced portrait photographs with us in the comments section or tag us on facebook, instagram or twitter.  We’d love it if you show us how the portraits look on your Nixplay Digital Photo Frame! #Nixplayphototips

Bea is Nixplay’s Social Media Manager. She enjoys drinking coffee, reading about wars, and writing stories. Send her a message at beatrice.bisais@nixplay.com.

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