The Best Mother’s Day Gift You Can Give Your Mum This Year
The Best Mother’s Day Gift You Can Give Your Mum This Year
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The Best Mother’s Day Gift You Can Give Your Mum This Year

Mar 16, 2017
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Mother’s Day has a long history in the UK.

Originally, the holiday was a Christian celebration that emerged in the 16th century. Called Mothering Sunday, it was celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, and saw Christians all over Great Britain and some other parts of Europe travelling to their “mother church” to worship with family members.

Over time, the holiday became a way for fathers and children to celebrate the mums in their families by spending quality time together and giving flowers and gifts.

While Mums should be celebrated all year, not just on Mother’s Day, the official Mother’s Day can serve as good inspiration for finding a really excellent gift.

What’s one of the best gifts you can give Mum? Spending some loving, quality time together comes in first, of course, but after that, we think photographs of your special memories comes in a close second.

Make your photo gifts unique to make them special.

There’s nothing wrong with giving Mum a simply framed image as a gift, but if you really want to wow her, why not try something a little different?

Collage frames that allow you to include multiple pictures in nicely presented configurations make very thoughtful gifts. Other options are some of the more modern display ideas:

  • Getting a canvas print of one of your favourite photos
  • Making a hanging display of photo prints using string or wire and clothespins or metal clips
  • Creating a display that incorporates decorative objects, like wooden initials, small plants, etc. along with photographs
  • Making a photo calendar or book with special images of the family

Framed pictures are classic and timeless, but with all the options out there now for dressing up your photos, you may find yourself tempted to get a little more creative.

Go digital to make your photo gift more versatile.

Digital pictures offer so much potential in terms of gifts. By themselves, they’re not that exciting – no one wants to get a flash drive for a gift! – but you can create slideshows or digital albums to look through on Mother’s Day, preferably while your mum eats the breakfast you made her.

One of the best ways to get the most out of your digital photos is to put them on a digital frame, like the Nixplay Seed.

The Nixplay Seed is a WiFi Digital Frame, which means you can not only upload photos to the frame, but you can send them to the frame no matter where you are in the world.

If you’re gifting a frame, you can load it with special playlists that your mum will love. A few ideas are below.

  • A playlist of photos of children or grandchildren with mum or grandmum
  • A chronological playlist of mum’s life – you can include graduation photos, wedding photos, anniversary photos, and more
  • Chronological playlists of photos of your children
  • Soothing playlists filled with images of beautiful places or vacations (just make sure you purchase photos you pull from the web or use copyright-free ones)
  • Aspirational playlists – places Mum wants to travel to one day, for example

Mums deserve nothing less than the very best on Mother’s Day. A gift of lovingly chosen photographs, whether that means framed prints, or digital playlists on a Nixplay Wifi Cloud Digital Frame, will let mum know how much she means to you.

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