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We all want our newborns to look good in their first photographs. Our goal is to capture the newborn’s radiance, as they come as they are.

If you’re running low on budget, you can spend some time reading through this article to learn about the various ways you can capture your newborns nicely. You might even pick up on some tricks to share with your baby’s photographer!

1. Pre-photography prep

Newborns are very fragile and helpless. They always need someone to take care of their needs and keep them happy.

When you’re setting up for a newborn shoot, you need a helper to do that for you, whether that be the baby’s parent or relative.

Check your equipment before embarking on the photography session. Clean them properly with wipes. Make sure the blankets and pillows are pristine as well.

Depending on what sort of photos you want, you can include the newborn’s grandparents, parents, siblings and close relatives in the frame. Let the photos illustrate the family’s love and bond.

Lifestyle photos are more expressive and genuine than posed portrait photos. Still, this is totally up to your taste. If you would like your images to show more emotions, opt for lifestyle photos, and vice versa.

2. Look for a suitable site

Before the photo shoot, scout for the perfect location. Take some friends or your spouse along with a camera and snap every corner that intrigues you.

After you’ve visited all the places, compare the photos to see which one has the best background and natural lighting. Compare their spaciousness and how convenient it’ll be for your friends and family to join you. 

3. Prepare the baby

The most difficult task for a photographer is to keep the baby calm and posed during the shoot. Babies can get irritated easily and start crying.

In order to minimize the risk of a tantrum, make sure the baby is fed and had a good nap before the shoot. You can also keep them calm by playing soothing music in the background.

Place the baby in a comfortable spot. Choose the couch, the bed, or the bassinet—whatever works to keep them composed during the shoot.

Have their favorite toys around, as well as some milk for when they’re thirsty. Don’t forget to shower them with love and warmth so they enjoy being your model!

Prepare your baby to take a good photo

4. Be aware of the development milestones

Remember that in this photoshoot, your baby isn’t just your model but also your team member. In order to execute a great photoshoot, everyone involved has to work well together first.

Sadly, your newborn still isn’t old enough to understand, much let alone comply with, your exact wishes. So, it’s important that you understand them instead.

At this stage, babies grow at a fast rate. Familiarize yourself with your infant’s developmental milestones to check if they’re hale and hearty.

It’s vital that you understand the kind of motor skills, startle reflexes, cognitive abilities and flexibility they usually show at the age they’re at. Understand their feeding needs and sleep stages. Find out what irks them and what calms them down. This will help you work with your newborn effectively and securely.

5. Confidence is key

The best time to take photos of newborns is when they’re still less than 11 days old. If you want some snaps directly from the surgery room, it’s best to be prepared in advance.

If you want to dress your baby first and capture them at the right time, be confident and snap away!

Don’t let your inexperience make you wary—with enough practice, capturing the right moment will be easier. The beauty of digital photography is that it lets you take as many photos as possible. Polish up your editing skills and filter out the good photos.

6. Getting the angles right

Capturing the perfect angle is crucial, whether you’re taking photos of an adult or a child. The picture will turn out unsatisfactory if you fail to find the newborn’s perfect angles.

Take test shots of your little model before going full swing. Snap from different directions to grasp their best angles.

Think of out-of-the-box poses, unlike the usual ones of newborns on a basket or bed. Be creative: Try different positions and backgrounds.

Whatever you do, always keep in mind that you’re working with a fragile little being, so don’t attempt anything too complex. Keep the baby’s age and innocence in mind and then progress.

7. Getting the lighting right

When it comes to photographs, using artificial lighting is alright. Natural lighting, however, can take the quality of your photos a few notches higher.

A few shots in the backyard, in the park, or just inside the car on a gorgeous day can pop out your newborn photo album.

Don’t be afraid of photographing your baby outdoors. All you need are some blankets and pillows to position the baby with.

Still, be very careful when taking photos outdoors as the twigs and bugs may irritate the baby. Make sure that the venue is clean and bug-free, and that you have a helping hand to look after the baby while you are busy being creative.

8. Think outside the box

It’s always better to plan your shoot beforehand. Don’t just take random shots and hope that something good will come out of it.

Plan the color theme of the photo album and the photography theme, such as lifestyle or portfolio. Decide on the background, the baby’s most flattering poses, and the family members who get a part in the frame.

To generate photos of exceptional quality, polish up on your photography skills online before commencing with the task.

Get a high-quality camera and familiarize yourself with all the tools and settings. Try hiring a professional photographer if you can afford it.

Take a number of shots of the background that you like before taking photos of the baby. If you have a planned background, adjusting the baby’s poses becomes a piece of cake.

To enhance the attractiveness of the photo, add some props like flowers, toys, or musical instruments. It’s an easy way to add charm to your pictures.

The bottom line

Consider a background that resonates with your ideas, help the baby get comfortable, and include lots of beautiful elements to magnify the story of the photo album.

Encourage the baby’s family and pets to join in the photo shoot to create a livelier story. The more sparkling the photos are, the better the memories your newborn will retain when they’re older.

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